Feature Request: Support for other Masked Email providers

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I would guess that there's probably a decent overlap of 1Password and ProtonMail customers. This year ProtonMail acquired https://simplelogin.io for masked email creation (https://simplelogin.io/blog/simplelogin-join-proton/) and I'm wondering how it could be made available in the same way as

Masked Email - Keep your real email address private. Automatically create new, random email addresses you can use when signing up to services online. Any emails from those services get sent right to your primary inbox. If you start receiving spam, you can block that address with a single click.

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  • ag_tommyag_tommy

    Team Member


    I'll be happy to let the team know you're interested in this ability.

    ref: IDEA-I-223

  • joe24joe24
    Community Member

    Thanks @ag_tommy 😀

  • Kev0909Kev0909
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    Commenting to add my +1 for Fastmail alternatives integration (AnonAddy and SimpleLogin in particular). Bitwarden has made creating email aliases really easy with their recent integrations of AA, SL, Firefox Relay, and soon Fastmail. Would be great if 1Password could implement that as well.

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member
    edited September 15

    Thanks, @Kev0909. I've added your thoughts to our tracking system for this feature request. 😃


    ref: IDEA-I-1287

  • Kev0909Kev0909
    Community Member

    Thanks, @Ben!

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