1P8 Feature Request - Home Tab Consolidation

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Hi team

Very much enjoying 1P8.8.0 for iOS!!

  1. I’m finding that I’m constantly toggling between the first three tabs each time I open the app, ie, Home tab, All Items/Category tab and Search tab.

There’s not one tab I default to more often than not so I'm constantly changing tabs.

Any reason why all three tabs can’t just be consolidated (as an option at least) into the main Home tab?

I would love to customise my own Home tab unique to me by choosing whatever fields/categories I need in the order I want and never have to think and toggle between the tabs at the bottom ever again.

Not saying getting rid of the bottom tabs. Just the option to consolidate and customise the first three tabs into Home so I can pick and choose my preferred categories in the Home tab.

Watchtower is good as a separate tab.

  1. Settings etc is also not intuitively easy to find. Would be good if it had its own dedicated tab.

Thank you!

BTW, I'm using this Beta in the iOS16 Beta and it works perfectly fine.


1Password Version: 8.8.0
Extension Version: 2.3.6
OS Version: macOS 12.4
Browser:_ Safari


  • fdavis99
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    ++ I also don’t see value in separate search tab. And, out of the box v8 didn’t have Categories at the top of the home tab, which was confusing to me.

  • janpeeters
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    I would also like the search back to the home tab. Or a setting that I can always start with an empty search. It's maddening the extra taps I have to do compared to the previous version 7. It all looks great and single tap copying is handy, but why did search need to have a separate tab? Wasn't there a more elegant and intelligent solution for that?

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