Safari extension not allowing Constant Contact login

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I'm trying to login to my Constant Contact account. When I try to fill with Safari extension, I get the dreaded "the extension "1Password for Safari" would like to access" message (screenshot 1)
Either button in this dialog produces no change. You can also see from my Safari preferences that I have already explicitly allowed this (screenshot 2)

So the only way I can currently fill in this login is to cut/paste from the 1 Password app itself.......Now what?

As a side comment, the latest version of the Safari extension seems rather buggy in general!

1Password Version: 80800203
Extension Version: 2.3.7
OS Version: macOS 12.5
Browser:_ Safari


  • Lew_BLew_B
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    edited August 9

    Well, it turns out that I can get there by using Quick Access (shift-command-space) and then I can fill it in. Still doesn't explain why the Safari plug-in add-in balks the way it does for this particular site.... I guess I'll start using Quick Access more, maybe ditch the Safari plugin, because it seems very unreliable!

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