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I find the new version of 1password for iOS to be missing some helpful features.

First the home tab:

  • I personally have no use for the frequently used, recently used, recently created and recently modified items.
  • I also have no desire to take the time to create favorites. I am not used to thinking of the content I keep in the app as favorites.
  • When I select the customize button I also see Pinned Fields and Tips. I have not "discovered" what these are or why I should care about them.

The Items Tab:

  • At least here I can view items organized in categories and vaults.
  • It would be handy to have the search embedded in the item view - so when I drill down into a category like Logins I can pull down and search for a specific login more quickly. The scroll and tap interface Apple provides is frustrating.

Search Tab:
I have enough items in the app that having search that includes filtering would be helpful.

I only experience the frustrations with these tabs when I need to use the app from this interface. This at the moment occurs 25%-50% of my uses. The remaining time I use it when the app has a better understanding of the specific information I need (e.g. a login for a website from within Safari). This part of the app works more often than not.

I feel certain that the AgileBits is going to keep improving the app. Whether my needs will be addressed remains to be seen & I understand I may be in the minority.

If I could ask for anything I would like you to either allow me to pick the tab I see when I open the app or to allow me to put content from the Items Tab onto the Home Tab.

1Password Version: 8.9.6
Extension Version: No idea
OS Version: iOS 16.0.2
Browser:_ Safari

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