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Reset password issues and thoughts

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When I reset a password on websites
1. The second password field is identified by 1p but isn't populated. When I tap the suggestion it goes to 1p unlock and then back to the password reset screen but the second field is still empty.
2. When creating a new password with the generator - I use memorable - but some websites restrict the character count - would be helpful to be able to restrict the generator or at least know the generated length.


  • ag_timothyag_timothy

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    Hello again @IM00IR thanks for letting us know you've run into these issues.

    1) I can see there is an issue open with the development team looking into resolving a related issue. While I certainly understand it's not an ideal workaround, when editing the item to reset the password, you can copy it into the second field. My apologies for any trouble here.

    2) I think this is an interesting idea. In situations like you described could you switch to a random password to set a specific character count or do you prefer to stick with memorable whenever possible? With memorable passwords have you found that some passwords within the same word length work and other don't?

    ref: dev/core/core#16684

  • IM00IRIM00IR
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    Thanks for the reply. The suggested workaround is what I've been doing.

    I prefer memorable, for when I may have to manually type it, e.g between devices. When I hit a website with a password limit I usually manually edit the generated password. I haven't encountered a case like you described.

    I did have a case where the longer password was accepted on reset but then rejected on login, which felt like a bug their end. Unfortunately I don't remember the name.

  • IM00IRIM00IR
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    Looking at my recently used items, I think it was https://kidoapps.co

  • ag_timothyag_timothy

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    Hi @IM00IR, thanks for sharing more about how you're using memorable passwords. While I can't make any promises about the development of 1Password, I’ve shared your suggestion for character count settings with our product team for their consideration.

    I did have a case where the longer password was accepted on reset but then rejected on login

    I would agree it was likely an issue on their end but very helpful to know in case this pops up again. Thanks for sharing the site with me here.

    ref: IDEA-I-318

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