Feature request: Remote authentication to 1Password with another device

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The problem:
I have an Android tablet, which has no fingerprint. So I have to enter the 1Password master password very often.

Possible solution/feature request:
When I have to authenticate to 1Password at my Android tablet I have a feature to authenticate at another device: 1Password sends an authentication request to my Android smartphone (where 1Password is installed), I get a notification on my smartphone. Tapping the notification I get a message which says, a user wants to authenticate to 1Password with my username (email) at the device xyz (my Android tablet). This message allows to authenticate 1Password using my fingerprint at my smartphone, after this my Android tablet get´s authenticated to 1Password without entering the master password (again).

This feature would be very similar to Microsoft Authenticator or Google; these allow authentication using another device (smartphone) without entering a password.

How do you thing about this?


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  • BrendanR1P
    edited October 2022

    Hi @tezvienna,

    Thanks for providing information on this feature request. Looking on our end I can see there is a feature request that is been logged for this same functionality.

    While we cannot guarantee if/when this functionality can/will be implemented, I've added your interest to the feature request on our end. 😀

    I hope this helps.

    ref: IDEA-I-1917

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