Updating to 1p8 on my PC made 1p disappear from my phone

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I updated to 1p8 a few days agao and was astonished to find that my old android version of 1p has disappeared from my phone. I am using Android 8.1. There is no 1p version visible in the Google Play store on this phone. I see that it says 1p8 requires Android 9, but the behavour of the app, which I use a great deal, disappearing and not being re-installable becauseof an update on another system (a Win 10 PC) is astonishing.

1Password Version: 8.9.5
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Wind 10/Android 8.1
Browser:_ Chrome
Referrer: forum-search:1p8 not available on android


  • DenisAlder
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    AS a follow up, although searching for 1password on google play did not return any hits (except to millions of other password managers), I manged to follow through a link on https://app-updates.agilebits.com/ to re-install 1p7 on my phone, and it seems fine now. What happened I have no idea, but insofar as its working now, I'm happy.

  • Hi @DenisAlder

    Thanks for letting us know you were able to get the 1Password 7 for Android app installed by following the link you posted above.

    Another method that usually allows re-installation of the 1Password 7 for Android app is below:

    1. Open the Google Play Store
    2. Tap the profile icon in the top right (usually your initials)
    3. Tap Manage apps and devices
    4. Tap Manage
    5. Tap Installed, then tap Not Installed
    6. Tap 1Password 7 - Password Manager, then tap the green Install button.

    In regard to the 1Password 7 for Android app disappearing after installing an update to 1Password 8 for Windows, this is unusual, firstly that an update on another system would cause this to happen, but also due to the fact that 1Password 8 for Android installs as a separate app and not as an update to 1Password 7 for Android, meaning if 1Password 8 for Android had installed for some reason, 1Password 7 for Android should've remained installed alongside it.

    If you'd like us to investigate this issue further and why it occurred, please let us know and we'll be happy to look into this further.

    -- Brendan

  • DenisAlder
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    Thanks for the prompt reply Brendan. I think for the moment the problem is solved. Because it is possible I deleted it myself in error - I had been cleaning up some apps a few days before - I don't think it is worth taking further action unless you get similar comments from other users. The version of 1p I re-installed 7.9.5 has a nicer interface than the previous version and its clearly talking perfectly with my desktop 1p8, so I am happy with the process now, and also much re-assured there is someone on the other end of the line when you do ask for help.

  • Hi @DenisAlder, thanks for following up with us. On behalf of Brendan, you are very welcome!

    I suspect your hunch is correct here, but if you run into any other peculiar behavior, just let us know. Thanks again!

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