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Apple Watch Unlock Option Disappearing / Not Functioning

New thing that’s been happening since macOS 16.0:

The option to unlock 1P with my Apple Watch (series 7, fully updated) as a biometric works, but eventually it just stops functioning, and the option in the 1P Security preferences section completely disappears.

To remedy this, I can go to System Settings and toggle off and on again (in the Login Password section) the ability to unlock apps on this Mac with my Apple Watch—which will restore the option in Security in 1P. Turning it back on will allow it to work again for a time, but eventually the option again disappears (after locking 1P and stepping away for an hour last time), which starts the whole troubleshoot cycle over again.

Any ideas what to try to fix this? Really do love that feature in 1P, but it seems broken and I’m not sure if it’s the latest macOS (the unlocking feature otherwise works everywhere else, so I’m doubtful) or just a 1P bug.


1Password Version: 8.9.8
Extension Version: 2.3.8
OS Version: macOS 13.0
Browser:_ Not Provided


  • GreyM1PGreyM1P

    Team Member

    Hi there @MindFad

    This one's a tricky problem to troubleshoot, because 1Password has to be "told" by macOS that an Apple Watch is paired with the Mac, much like it does for Touch ID. 1Password actually treats the Apple Watch as a "biometric" device just like Touch ID on the keyboard.

    As such, if you're not seeing "Unlock with Apple Watch" appear in 1Password's Preferences > Security, it would usually indicate that it's not aware that an Apple Watch is paired. There's no way for 1Password to discover that on its own without being informed about it by macOS.

    Considering you've already tried the steps you listed, which would be the first thing I'd recommend, you might want to try these things (in order) to see if they help:

    1. Make sure that Do Not Disturb or Focus is not enabled on either your Mac or Apple Watch. You'll see a 🌙 crescent moon in the menu bar of your Mac and above your watch face on your Apple Watch if so. Because the unlock prompt on your Apple Watch is essentially a notification, it might be suppressed by either of these.
    2. Check for (and apply) any updates to macOS. The Unlock With Apple Watch feature, along with other security features like Touch ID (if your Mac has it) might not work if there's a pending macOS update.
    1. If your Mac has an Intel chip, try resetting the System Management Controller. (You can find out if your Mac has an Intel chip or is using Apple Silicon by clicking the  Apple menu > About This Mac. You'll see either Processor: Intel... or Chip: Apple....)
      The methods for resetting the SMC of a Mac vary depending on model, so I've included a link to Apple Support's article about how to do it here:

    ☞ This step will by definition restart your Mac, so you may want to pause here and see if the resolution lasts. Then if not, move on to step 4 below.

    1. Sign out of iCloud and back in.

    Have a try with those and let me know how things go. The team and I will be here if you need any more help. :)

    — Grey

  • mixturemixture Junior Member
    Community Member

    @MindFad, while the thread I created is about 1Password 7 and this same problem, there's one guy reporting of the same issue with 1Password 8 there, too:


  • MindFadMindFad
    Community Member

    Thanks for the reply, @GreyM1P, and the heads up, @mixture. Like the poster in the other thread, it seems to sporadically correct itself, at least briefly—and then will randomly break again.

    I should add for full clarity on the hardware situation that I am on a Mac Studio.

    My suspicion is that it is actually macOS failing to “tell” the rest of the System the Watch is nearby and good to go. Which is odd, because I can lock the computer / screensaver and immediately unlock the Mac with my Watch, but the part associated with apps—deleting App Store apps, moving Library files, or unlocking 1P that would require an unlock—thinks no Watch is present, even though the “Use Apple Watch to unlock etc....” is active in System Settings.

    I’ve tried all the usual troubleshooting, of course, but it does not seems to fix the intermittent breaking, though it will briefly fix it. I’m gonna assume this is just a Ventura bug for now and will file with Apple as well since it’s not just 1P that’s busting.

    Thanks, folks!

  • GreyM1PGreyM1P

    Team Member


    Thanks for the update on the situation. It's intereseting to hear that it's not just 1Password having trouble unlocking using your Apple Watch on your Mac, so as you mentioned, it might be something more to do with macOS itself. I'll be keen to hear what Apple say, if you get a reply. If you can keep us posted on that, that could be very valuable information. :)

  • rkubatrkubat
    Community Member
    edited November 2022

    I recently did a clean install of macOS Ventura and installed 1Password 8. I understand change being a lean advocate for over 15 years, but the bad UI design and other issues that arose had me end up reverting back to 1Password 7. When I clicked on setup for Apple Watch I had the same issue with System Settings/Privacy & Security window opening. The way I fixed it is going to System Settings/Touch ID & Password and turning on Apple Watch at the bottom. Again this fix is for macOS Ventura. See image.

  • cortigcortig Senior Member
    Community Member

    I'd add that from what I understand, it's only available in 1Password on Mac with a T2 security chip.
    I have a iMac19,1, which supports unlocking through AppleWatch, but not in 1Password (because it doesn't have a T2 chip).


  • bradHon1PcommbradHon1Pcomm
    Community Member

    I have the same issue, Mac min 3.2 ghz i7 2018. Mac Ventura 13.0.1
    1password 8.9.10

    if I turn off watch in apple settings, then reboot turn back on 1 password opens with watch. when It sleep and come back 1password is asking for password and 1password settings/security no watch option. yet strangly in safari if I click one password icon it allows me to athorize on my watch and when I do so 1password opens. strange . any help or solution appreciate. I love 1pw! and the watch function total needed as I dont have fingerprint on studio or mini.

  • MindFadMindFad
    Community Member
    edited December 2022

    Just popping in to confirm this is still a thing—the intermittent failure to acknowledge the Watch is present for unlocking (including System-wide or within 1Password Security option, which is why I think it’s an Apple bug at the core)—in the latest macOS update (13.1).


    In dealing with this for a couple months, one pattern I do notice is that the Mac and Watch don’t seem to be aware of one another for a time after I come back to my Mac. A few minutes seated at my desk spontaneously brings everything back to normal like it used to be in Monterey with the System / 1Password (the Security feature is just back and ticked on like it should be), where this proximity awareness wasn’t a problem. Then again, other times that’s not the case and it’s fine immediately! But when the problem does occur, I’ve been away from the Mac for awhile (though never off the Wi-Fi network). 🤔

    Anyway, the mystery remains! I never heard anything from Apple feedback. Not sure what else to try for now.

  • jeffgbrockjeffgbrock
    Community Member

    I have the same problem with my M1 MacBook Pro and my Apple Watch Ultra. The option to use the Apple Watch periodically disappears from 1Password (8.9.11). Going to 1Password settings, the only thing you see under 'unlock' is Touch ID. However, there is no correlation with the watch failing to work with the MacBook itself...the watch always works with the MacBook. Restarting 1Password does not fix it...only rebooting. Once I do, the Apple Watch is again an option in 1Password. I have not tried toggling the watch in the MacOS settings itself. I will do so the next time 1Password removes it

  • JamesHendersonJamesHenderson
    Community Member

    I'm on 1P8 and Ventura. I found that, when it stops working, it can start working again later. No clue why.

  • MindFadMindFad
    Community Member

    If anyone was hoping, like myself, that this (still suspected to be an Apple issue) would get sorted out in Ventura 13.2, it is not, sorry. Same intermittent failures to be aware the Watch is there until you sit around for a bit. 😔

  • ag_tommyag_tommy

    Team Member

    Drat @MindFad

    That was on my things to check this AM. I appreciate your posting. It's been a very busy morning here and you helped me gain some time back.

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