Autolock running on a Samsung S7 FE tablet set to enter 1 hour or 4 hours does not work as intended

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When autolock is set to 1 hour or 4 hours (haven't tried 8 nor have I used amy setting below 1 hour), 1password locks at some point, requiring me to logbook into 1password. The version of 1password I'm running is 8.9.3. My Android version is 12 and the Samsune One UI version is 4.1.1.

Also, whereas I've elected not to use Face identification on this tablet, I have experienced another issue where 1Password does not prompt for face identification. It goes straight to a password request.

1Password Version: Not Provided
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  • ObiwanKinobiObiwanKinobi
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    1Password Version: 8.9.3
    Extension Version: Not Provided
    OS Version: 12
    Browser: Samsung Browser

  • ag_timothyag_timothy

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    Hi @ObiwanKinobi, thanks for your question.

    With Auto-Lock on Exit set to anything other than immediately 1Password will lock after the interval ends, if locked directly, if removed from recents and if the device restarts. If these scenarios aren't happening and 1Password hasn't been inadvertently closed, battery optimization on the device may be causing 1Password to lock or this may be the result of a bug we've recently identified where having multiple apps open can essentially push 1Password out of recents locking the app. Do you typically keep numerous apps open in your recents?

    To use face unlock, 1Password requires devices to use Google's native Biometric framework as well as use strong encryption. On the majority of Android devices, face unlock is considered a "weak" biometric factor. This is due in part to the fact that most Android devices do not have IR or depth sensing cameras to scan facial biometry. Without that, a photo or video could trick Biometric unlock. To clarify, many devices have a facial scanner, but may not support Google's native Biometric framework as well as support strong encryption. Currently, a very limited number of Android devices have this support.

    ref: dev/core/core#18114

  • ObiwanKinobiObiwanKinobi
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    Thanks for the quick response Timothy. I do have a number of recents open as I have a bad habit of not closing anything. So based on your comments, I'll pay attention to this and see if the problem goes away. As I'm writing, I noticed 1Password closed again, but I'll report back if closing recents has an affect on correcting the issue.

    In regards to battery optimization settings, I wouldn't even surprised if this was the root cause as Samsung's optimization features are pretty aggressive from what I hear. What would be nice for Android users (up until recently I was a long time Apple user) is if we could use a pattern password with user set number of retries to gain entry back. I realize facial recognition is weak on Android, but it wouldn't have concerned me as much since if my device was ever lost, I'd simply erase the device before the perpetrator could gain access past the facial recognition. I also realize that the perpetrator could be prepared to steal my device and use a photo to try to get past Androids weak security, but I just don't think the risk/reward is worth it to a criminal to target a common individual such as myself using this Android weakness. Obviously, if I was Elon Musk, I'd probably only use an iPhone, but seeing as how he hates Apple, he may be a viable target! 😂

  • ag_timothyag_timothy

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    Thanks for following up with me @ObiwanKinobi.

    Battery optimization can be quite pervasive on Samsung and other Android devices. If you think that may be the cause you can start by setting 1Password to unrestricted (device settings > apps > 1Password > battery). After that there are a few other battery settings you could try.

    I can certainly understand the point you raise about Face unlock. Decisions like this typically involve balancing security with convenience with various other factors tipping the scale. One unlock option being discussed internally is a PIN unlock option similar to what you might have seen in 1Password 7 for Android. With 1Password 7 for Android, a PIN could be set which wouldn't replace your account password in the same was as biometrics but could be used for quick access in some circumstances. Would you benefit from a feature like that or would the pattern you mentioned be preferably?

  • ObiwanKinobiObiwanKinobi
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    I think that as long as the pin was limited on retries, and maybe if 6 characters would be allowed versus 4, that would work for me. In the meantime, I'll just retype my long master pass. I haven't had to retype my pass today after having cleared out my recent running apps, so having my autolock set to an hour seems to be working for me for now. Appreciate your suggestions and info!

  • ag_timothyag_timothy

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    Happy I could help @ObiwanKinobi! Thanks for your feedback regarding PIN unlock, I will share that with the team here.

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