Earlier Version of 1P

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I have a Sony Xperia Z tablet with a version 4.3 operating system.
What is the latest iteration of 1P that will run on this please, and where can I get it?


  • Hi @richarpo, thanks for your question. 1Password 8 for Android is the currently available Android app. 1Password 8 for Android requires Android 9 or newer. 1Password 7 for Android is now delisted but may be available if you have previously installed that app. 1Password 7 for Android requires Android 5 or newer.

    I certainly understand that it may not be possible but we recommend using an up to date operating system on all devices. Android 8 and earlier versions no longer receive security updates from Google which can increase security risk.

    If you cannot install a version of 1Password for Android on your device, you can access your 1Password data in the browser by signing in on 1Password.com.

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