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Happy new year everyone!

I’ve finally convinced my MiL to use 1password however while it’s working fine on her windows 10 computer I cannot install the app on her iPad running iOS 12.5.

I’ve checked her purchases on her iCloud account to no avail so it seems we cannot download any earlier version from the App Store?

Can anyone help getting the 1password 7 app and onto her ipad?

Thanks in advance and again happy holidays to all!!!



  • modjeska
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    I'm having a similar problem - I'd like to install 1Password onto my iPad Air. This iPad runs iOS 12.5x. Any solutions will be appreciated. Thanks much.

  • Hello @precisioncoding and @modjeska! 👋

    1Password 8 requires iOS 15.5 or later so you won't be able to install the latest app if you're using an older version of iOS. If possible, please update to a later version of iOS: Update your iPhone or iPad - Apple Support (CA)

    If that doesn't work, or if you're unable to update iOS, then please try these steps to restore 1Password 7 for iOS from your purchased items:

    1. Open the App Store app.
    2. Tap the sign-in button or your photo at the top of the screen.
    3. Tap Purchased.
    4. If you use Family Sharing, tap My Purchases or choose a family member's name to see content that they purchased.
    5. Tap "Not on this [device]."
    6. Find the app that you want to download, then tap the download button.

    If that doesn't work then I recommend sending an email to [email protected] so that our support team can help further. After emailing in, you'll receive a reply from BitBot, our friendly robot assistant with a Support ID that looks something like [#ABC-12345-678]. Post that here, and I'll be able to locate your message and make sure it's gotten to the right place. 🙂


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