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Failing to connect to server at through authenticating company proxy

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This has been the case since 8 beta but today I decided to do something about it. Hopefully you can use me to troubleshoot the proxy connection issue which seems several users are experiencing too.

Basically, from home if I do not connect to my work VPN and use the corporate proxy to go to the internet, 1password app connects and syncs perfectly. As soon as I connect to my work VPN and the proxy is in force 1password will fail connecting and the red strike-through cloud icon appears in the menu. Reconnection fails the same way.
I have tried the following Wifi Proxy Settings:

  • Automatic Proxy Configuration with a pac file and
  • Web Proxy with the corp proxy directly specified with credentials
  • Web Proxy with the corp proxy directly specified without my credentials.
    All results in loss of connectivity.

In the log whatever my wifi proxy settings (pac, proxy w/o creds, proxy w/ creds) the error is the same (even with full machine reboot in between changes)

ERROR 2023-01-20T00:32:07.314 tokio-runtime-worker(ThreadId(1)) [1P:foundation/op-proxy/src/lib.rs:255] proxy test network connection failed: error sending request for url (<redacted URL>): error trying to connect: tls handshake eof
INFO  2023-01-20T00:32:07.314 tokio-runtime-worker(ThreadId(1)) [1P:foundation/op-proxy/src/apple.rs:348] skipping proxy returned by PAC since we couldn't connect to it: Network(Network(error sending request for url (<redacted URL>): error trying to connect: tls handshake eof))

Since the url is redacted we can't make sure it is the right proxy config. However since it is the same error even when a PAC is not involved we can assume it is not related to the auto config but to the connectivity to the proxy itself. The TLS handshake EOF error log entry supports that hypothesis.

Let me know what I can do to help.

Thanks in advance!


1Password Version: 8.9.13
Extension Version: 2.5.2
OS Version: 12.6.2
Browser:_ Chrome 109.0.5414.87


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