Autofill doesn't work on MacBook Air M1

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1Password enable in macOS privacy settings correctly, Autofill enable in 1Password 8 settings but shortcut "command \" doesn't work

1Password Version: 8.9.11
Extension Version: 2.5.1
OS Version: Mac OS 13.2
Browser:_ Safari
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  • @regskyalice

    Give Safari a complete quit along with 1Password and then start it anew. Useful if you've just received an update. Can you also confirm that you've allowed the permission of all sites? We need that permission to perform the following on your behalf.

    • The ability to scan (read) the page HTML to determine if it’s fillable. This also tells us where/when to inject the inline menu.

    • The ability to autofill (write) to the site. While performing an autofill, it effectively changes the HTML. When you submit the autofill, it will allow you to authenticate it properly.

      There is no need to add 1Password for Safari to your login items or Dock. It only needs to be opened once for the initial configuration. From then on it can live silently in your Applications folder.

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