1Password insists I have used a newer version but won't let me install latest

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When I launch 1Password this morning I get a dialog "You’ve used a newer version of 1Password on this device. Update to the latest version to keep using 1Password. Contact su[email protected] if you need help." and then 1Password quits.

I tried downloading a new version via links on the 1Password site, unzip and launch the installer only to get the same behavior!?

A dialog noted that Apple security wanted permissions to allow the updater to update. I had to relaunch System Preferences to change it. I quit System Preferences and reattempted the install. Same results (except no more security dialog).

Finder info for the installer say 8.10.3 just downloaded
Finder info for the 1Password app says 8.10.3 last used yesterday. Created Tuesday, March 14, 2023 at 1:57 PM.


1Password Version: 8.10.3
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 13.2.1 Ventura (Apple Silicon)
Browser:_ Brave
Referrer: forum-search:1Password insists I have used a newer version but won't let me install latest


  • @dcblack56

    Please take the following steps.

    1. Make sure you have your Emergency Kit and know your account password and all data is contained on 1Password.com.
    2. Quit 1Password and all browser for good measure. Right-click 1Password in the menu bar (If it's there) and click Quit.
    • If 1Password 8 is not open then please continue on.
    1. Open Finder, and click the Go menu > Go to Folder...

    In the box that appears, copy and paste the following exactly:

    ~/Library/Group Containers/2BUA8C4S2C.com.1password/Library/Application Support/1Password/

    1. Press Return.

    2. You'll see a folder called Data – right-click on the folder and select Compress "Data".

    3. Drag the original Data folder to the Trash.
    4. Wait a few moments and then open 1Password 8. You'll be taken through the setup process.
  • dcblack56
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    That appears to work. Thank you!

    [Note: I used iTerm with the command:

    open "~/Library/Group Containers/2BUA8C4S2C.com.1password/Library/Application Support/1Password/"

    When is it safe to remove the Data.zip file, or am I supposed to do something with it?

  • Yep that works too. 🙂 If all of your data is present, you can remove the zip file now.

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