Need to export/print /back up browser version v8 . community won't accept my login/PW needed newacct

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Need to export/print /back up browser version v8 . community won't accept my login/PW needed newacct

1Password Version: 8
Extension Version: unk
OS Version: win10
Browser:_ FFox
Referrer: forum-search:Need to export/print /back up browser version


  • soltesrymailcom
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    Need to export/print /back up browser version
    migration to V8 has been hell

  • Hi @soltesrymailcom!

    Need to export/print /back up browser version

    Do you have the 1Password 8 desktop app installed? The option to export your data is only available in the 1Password desktop apps, and I'll include the steps for this below:

    1. Press the Windows key on your keyboard, and click 1Password near the top of the list.
    2. Enter your usual credentials to unlock if prompted.
    3. In the top left corner of the app window, next to the word 1Password, click ⋮ > Export, and choose the account you want to export.
    4. Enter your account password.
    5. Choose an export format (1PUX or CSV) then click Export Data.
    6. Choose a location for your export file, and click Open.

    It's important to note that exported data files are not encrypted, they are stored in plain text. Anyone with access to your exported data files will be able to read your passwords. Do not email exported data files or store them online, and delete them as soon as you're done with them.

    migration to V8 has been hell

    I'm sorry to hear that you've run into trouble upgrading to 1Password 8. Could you tell me a little more about this? Are you running into any specific issues that we could help with?

    I look forward to hearing from you!

  • soltesrymailcom
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    I had a Windows crash that did not destroy data in my 1PW win v4.
    I cannot restore more than 1 vault from the Win4 PC installation
    I opened V8 on my original machine and now have unsynchonized vaults on my Mac, iPhone and PC
    I reloaded WinV4 on an airgapped PC and cannot load or import from backups prior databases or vaults.
    I had set 1PW years ago and default files are not identifiable
    searching for 1PW data files resulted in file formats that nothing Winv4, V8 and Macv6 can import.

    It has in effect lost 10 years of data across ~100 items, and its "secure database" has proved a disaster after probably a week, full time, spent in attempts at recovery

    Support has given incomplete fragmentary responses that has given answers that have not led to even identifying how 1PW handles things , where to look and how to recover identified 1PW data files, all done with an exhausting ~4 day turn around.
    My pleas for a call for paid consultant to help me have not been responded to in the replies.

    I find V8 slow with poor screen displays compared to the Winv4 and MacV7, which were very good and easy reliable, up to this point.

    I have used 1PW for ~10-12 years and referred many friends, peer and customers to it.
    I have along way to go before I could ever do that again.
    I would be happy to pay for something that worked as well as the pre V8 versions or a working WinV4
    that would restore my prior vaults.

  • Hello @soltesrymailcom,

    I'm sorry to hear of the continued issues you're experiencing with the migration to 1Password 8. I'd like to ask that you send and email to [email protected], so that we can get you in touch with our Migration team so we can help you work through the troubles as quickly as possible.

    With your email please include:

    • A link to this thread:
    • Your forum username: soltesrymailcom

    You should receive an automated reply from our BitBot assistant with a Support ID number. Please post that number here. Thanks!