Set details now, save time later

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Hello everyone,

We’re excited to bring some great news to our desktop and mobile app users! We’re introducing a brand new Profile tab within our apps, where you can set your default details for an even better autofill experience.

What are default details?

Default details gives you the ability to designate a default identity item and credit/debit card. Next time you autofill these details, these will take the top position in the list, making the autofill process faster and more convenient.

If you have multiple accounts, such as a personal and a work account, you can tailor these details for each one. Your selections will then sync across all your devices where you use 1Password.

Default details started as a labs’ experimental feature, and it's all thanks to your feedback and enthusiasm that we've made it a reality across our apps.

We're committed to continuously evolve and enhance this new Profile tab to tailor 1Password to your unique needs and provide an even better experience.

Labs and experimental features

If you missed our posts about how to try experimental 1Password features, be sure to check our blog announcement or forum post to be part of shaping the future of 1Password.

We encourage you to dive into the new Profile tab and set your default details today and let us know what you think.

Thank you for being an integral part of our community, and we look forward to your valuable feedback.

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