Backup vault?

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Is it a good idea to export my 1p vault and place it on a secure usb stick. When I was with bitwarden it seemed like it was a good practise to export your vault and store it in a secure place, but with 1p I can’t see much mention of doing this on the 1p support pages other than exporting for moving to another password manger.


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  • Hello @telUK! 👋

    Thanks for the question! With 1Password 8 there's no need to maintain a manual backup of your items since your 1Password membership already includes an automatic backup to This means that your items are available, in an offline cache, on all devices where you're using the app and in your account on Your encrypted data is replicated to redundant copies on our end to guard against any data loss.

    If you accidentally delete or edit an item you can always restore it from your 1Password account on View and restore previous versions of items

    I don't recommend exporting your passwords since that will remove them from the secure and encrypted environment of 1Password. Any exported copy of your passwords will be in plain text and so will be readable by anyone who views it. And, if you change any of your passwords in the future, the exported copy will become outdated quickly.

    I hope that helps!