FF wants to me to unlock and save login but 1P is unlocked and login already present

1. open 1p4 extention in FF (clicking key button)
2. click search
3. search for twitter of facebook (in my case)
4. OK
result: logged in, but 1p4 prompts dialog to unlock and save new login


  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    You might try the following steps (in order of increasing inconvenience) to resolve the problem:

    1. Restarting the 1Password Helper (on the Help menu in 1Password).

    2. Repairing your 1Password data folder (on the File menu in 1Password).

    3. Removing (in Firefox) and re-installing (in 1Password) the extension for Firefox.

    4. Uninstalling and re-installing Firefox itself, and re-installing the extension for Firefox.

    Please let us know whether any (and which) of these steps works for you, @redcat2102.

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