Auditing improvement: ignore selected passwords


I've been going through my aging and weak passwords since version 4 introduced the security audit. I do so every week for about 10 minutes and by now I don't have any duplicate passwords and in the 3+ category any longer.

The problem with some of the passwords is now that I can't change them ever because they are given to me by "upstream" entities (like access codes for buildings). Or alternatively some passwords I can never make "strong" because the site (banks, sic) forces insane rules.

The benefit of the security audit to me is that I can just go through those lists and identify passwords that I should take action on.

However, now that I've gone through most of them, the lists are loosing a lot of value because they get the noise described above and I have to look real hard to find passwords I can take action upon.

If I could make a wish I'd imagine an improvement like this:

  • allow marking entries as 'known security issue'
  • don't display entries with this marker in the general audits
  • provide a separate audit list with 'known issues'

What do you think?

Great that you introduced the audit!



  • Drew_AGDrew_AG 1Password Alumni

    Hi Christian / @Theuni,

    Glad to hear you like the Security Audit feature! And thanks for the feature request, I will definitely let our developers know about your suggestions. I think it would be very helpful, especially in the situation you described.

    For now, you can try making a Smart Folder in 1Password 4 (File > New Smart Folder) that shows you a list of login items with weak passwords but excludes specific items. Hopefully that will help!

  • Hmm, ok that makes sense and the search is definitely up to the task to define my custom security audits.

    One issue is that when I open a smart folder and edit one of the items, the search result list goes back to listing everything and not the search result. To get the search result back I need to select a different folder and re-select the folder. I'd love if that bug could be fixed. :)

  • As I'm on it - I also needed to restart 1P to add a second smart folder. Clicking "New smart folder" after I just created one results in the last created one being overwritten again and again ...

  • MeganMegan

    Team Member

    Hi @Theuni,

    Thanks so much for bringing these issues to our attention. We have a few issues in our tracker right now related to the behaviour of Smart Folders, and believe me, you're not alone here in wanting these bugs squashed soon. Our developers are working on getting this sorted just as soon as possible! We very much appreciate your patience :)

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