When a password works for an app as well as a website

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I'm unsure how to use a login in my vault that works for both an app as well as a website. Example: Evernote. I added my login credentials as I created a new password, and entered it via the web login for Evernote.

But to use 1 Password when I open the Evernote application on my Mac- is the only way, to open 1 Password and copy and paste the password? Or is there a way to access it from the Evernote app? Or is the web login and the app login, two seperate entries in the vault?



  • Megan
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    Hi @tcwaters,

    Great question here. At this time, 1Password is unable to automatically fill Login details into non-browser apps, but 1Password can still make the log in process easy. Thanks to 1Password mini in 1Password 4/5, you have quick and easy access to your Login details outside of the browser, even if the main app is closed. To fill your details into an app such as Evernote here's what you'll do:

    • Use ⌘⌥\ ( Command-Option- \ ) to open 1Password mini
    • Start typing the name of your Evernote Login
    • View the details, and click on the anchor in the bottom corner (or use ⌘O) to 'pin' the details to your screen
    • Then you can copy and paste your details into the Evernote app

    You can use the same entry that you fill in the browsers, no need to create a separate entry.

    I hope this helps, but we're here if you have any further questions or concerns.

  • Bill McCaig
    Bill McCaig
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    "At this time, 1Password is unable to automatically fill Login details"

    ETA on when 1Pass will be able to complete that task?

  • Hi Bill,

    It's something we're considering for a future update, but I don't have any ETA.

    I'll add your vote for this feature in our tracker. Thanks for the feedback!

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