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I have been using 1Password for years. Upgraded from 4 to 5 using the Agilebits Web Store version. Now, out of the blue, getting the trial expired message and the web site no longer recognizes my email address to provide me a copy of my license. Please assist, and thanks.


  • Stephen_C
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    The first question is, are you sure that you purchased 1P4 (not 1P3 or earlier, because the upgrade to 1P4 was not free) from AgileBits? Forgive me for asking but some people have actually been confused and we've discovered they've purchased from the Mac App Store. One symptom of that problem is the email address not being recognised of course.

    If you know you bought 1P4 from the AgileBits Store you can email support+licenses @ with full details including your name, the date of purchase, the email address you used and a link to this thread and someone will be able to help you.


  • Megan
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    Hi @BassAtl,

    I hope that Stephen_C's advice has helped you out!

    I just checked in our email system and I don't see an email from you - have you managed to get this license issue sorted out? I was able to track down a license based on an earlier conversation that you had with our support team, and I'm re-sending your license details to the email address listed on the account.

    If you do have further questions or concerns, we're here for you.

    ref: 651962

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