1Password 5 will not work with OS X 10.10.1

Dee Kite
Dee Kite
Community Member

This is so frustrating! When I try to open 1Password I just get an error message to check the versions of 1Password and OS X. They're both up to date. Does anyone know what to do?


  • Stephen_C
    Community Member

    What is the exact error message, please?

    You might try this:

    1. Delete 1P by dragging the app to the trash (don't use any app cleaner tool because it will try to delete files you need to retain).
    2. Empty the trash and re-boot.
    3. Re-download 1P and re-install it.

    That procedure will not lose any of your data so long as you don't use any app cleaner tool.

    However, in the absence of details of the specific error message this is rather guesswork at the moment.


  • littlebobbytables
    1Password Alumni

    Hi @Dee Kite‌ Please let us know if Stephen_C's post helped you out. If it didn't we can continue the troubleshooting process. As he said, the exact error message may prove useful for determining the exact nature of the problem. If you are indeed running Yosemite you should haven't any troubles running everything from 1Password 3 onwards.

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