Problems with Synch over Dropbox in 1Password for Mac 4.4.2

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We run OS X with 10.9.4 and one Password with 4.4.2. We can not Update to 10.10 yet. The synch is going over Dropbox. The Idea is, that several workstations have always the latest passwords. We found out, that the synch ist not wirking proberly. For example: If we delete something, it doesnt synch anymore, the deletion is only local. If there is a new entry, the synch works to the other stations. I also was deleting al entrys in a workstations and starting the synch again. Then it just toke some of the entrys to the local station. I tried to delet the datapacket to set it new, but it was just instant rebuldiung a new datatpacket fromt the existing workstations. Does any one knows that problem or can help to fix it with the version we are running?


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