Renewed subscription, not being acknowledged-how to have it allow editing?

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Renewed subscription, not acknowledged other than a receipt for 1PASSWORD5FORMAC.- When editing Password, message is expired. How do I remedy this error?


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    Hi @fleurbrown1,

    Just to let you know, I've edited your forum handle so it's no longer your full email address to protect your privacy.

    Sorry to hear that you're having trouble editing an item in 1Password. Thanks for letting us know about the error message you're receiving. It sounds like you're seeing the "Trial Expired" notice. The simple fix for this issue is to apply the license you've purchased to the software you downloaded.

    I've resent your license to you via email. In that email, under 1Password 5 for Mac, you should see a link that says "Click here to apply your 1Password license." When you click that link (with 1Password running and unlocked), it will open a page in your default browser which automatically downloads and applies your license to 1Password. Then you should be able to edit any item you wish!

    Also, to address the "renewed subscription" part of your post, I'd like to clarify our licensing policy. 1Password is not a subscription service; it is a licensed piece of software. It's like a chair: you buy it once and then you have it, it's yours. I noticed in our sales records that you have purchased a license for 1Password 5 three separate times. The second time had been refunded, but the third (most recent) purchase had not, so I have gone ahead and refunded that to you, and you should see it in your account shortly. The single license for 1Password 5 that you originally bought a year ago in May 2014 can be used to license 1Password 5 for Mac forever, on all your Macs, and may be shared by up to 5 other family members in the same household. It never expires.

    I hope this answers your question, but if you need anything else, feel free to post back here and we'll help you out. :)

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