i have no idea how this works can i get my money back

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i have no idea how this works can i get my money back

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  • hawkmoth
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    What have you tried to get it to work? Have you read the User Guide?

    Getting your refund, if that's what you decide you really want, will depend on where and when you bought your license. If you bought it from the AgileBits web store, they have a 30 day money back guarantee, so they will refund your money if you fit those requirements. If you bought from Apple's Mac App Store, you'll need to seek a refund there. AgileBits gets no information whatever about who holds licenses purchased from Apple. Your email receipt in that case will have a link in it to report a problem. Click that and proceed with your complaint. Although it is Apple's policy that all sales are final and not refundable, they do issue refunds at their discretion.

    But if you do want to give 1Password more of a chance, there are several people that frequent this forum to help users who need assistance. If you pose your questions, someone will get back to you.

  • hawk_1
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    I can understand your frustration, using a new program. I spent three days with my MacBook Air trying to understand iDrive. I finally called Apple and within 10 minutes found out what i was doing wrong. The same way with 1Password. I am also a new user. I did submit my first question and received a response that showed me how to understand and perform what I wanted to do.. I know this one question will not be my last but I have confidence an answer will come forth. Submit a question for them and give the program another chance to work. I've also read a number of Reviews and so many users are giving 1Password great reviews. I am in no way connected with 1Password, just a new user like yourself.

  • sjk
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    Hi @rwamser,

    Welcome to the AgileBits forum and 1Password! We're happy to answer any questions you have about using the software so please don't hesitate to ask. :)

    The User Guide that @hawkmoth mentioned is a great starting point in our documentation:

    1Password 5 for Mac User Guide

    Other topics are covered in our support knowledgebase:

    1Password Support

    That's where you can find information about getting your money back, some of which @hawkmoth already mentioned:

    About our money-back guarantee

    We hope you'll first give us an opportunity to help get 1Password working for you, just as our new friend in the 1Password community @hawk_1 recently did. Thank you, @hawk_1. :+1: No relation to @hawkmoth I presume? :lol:

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