Problem on Windows 8.1 desktop

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Just updated my family Desktop to Update 9 for 1P. Asked for my Vault location and I selected OneDrive. It then prompted for my Vault Password. I provided it, looks like it unlocks...but then disappears. If I go to my Desktop, it looks like the App is minimized. I click on it to maximize it, and it asks for my password again. I provide it, goes to grey screen...then disappears again. Rinse and repeat. Force it closed didn't matter. Uninstalling and Reinstalling doesn't help either just continually goes into the minimize cycle.

1Password Version: Modern Update (9)
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 8.1 Pro (Fully Updated)
Sync Type: OneDrive


  • @macros can you please try and share crash file from folder C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Packages\DC5C6510.1PasswordAlpha_2v019pwa6amcg\LocalState\Crashes

    On my end I can see R9 on couple of phones, but on tablet it's still previous release

  • @SergeyTheAgile I guess I incorrectly assumed it was update 9 based on it being updated (but I guess there's been a few updates over the past few days). So sorry for that. I've sent in the crash logs that were in the folder. Mind you that they are from post reinstallation. I'm sure there would have been a few more prior to the reinstall.

    Thanks for your help!

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    Thanks for sending the reports, @macros.

  • Quick update, now my tablet is doing the same thing (Windows 8.1 RT). Would you guys like me to send in additional crash logs?

  • mohamedosmanmohamedosman 1Password Alumni

    @macros, yes please send those reports as well. It'll help us determine if the errors occur from the same origin.

  • I've sent in the latest crashes. Replied to my previous ticket on this issue. Hope it helps.

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni


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