help!! I cannot reinstall my passwords

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This morning, I got an error message saying that 1Password is corrupted (paraphrasing), and I had to delete the application and reinstall it. I did, and now I cannot access my passwords (Dropbox). Please help.
Leo R. Brancazio

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  • dhjdhj
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    I'm having exactly the same problem, only worse. This is really serious. I suspect it is related to the problem with the Mac App Store certificate failure that caused a lot of apps to fail.
    In my case, after reinstalling 1Password (I have the full paid version) I get the "Welcome to 1 Password" but I can't even get the main program running. When I click on the "Let's get started", the window just disappears and if I click on the icon in the dock to bring it back I just get the "Welcome to 1 Password" again.

    What's going on here?

  • Stephen_C
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    Please refer to this sticky at the top of the forum.


  • littlebobbytables
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    Hi @leobran and @dhjdhj,

    How did both of you uninstall 1Password for Mac? Simply ensuring 1Password isn't running and dragging the application to the Trash won't touch any of your data files unless you also use an app cleaner. For this reason we really don't recommend any app cleaners because by data files we mean your vault.

    @dhjdhj I'm really surprised you're seeing the welcome screen again. Only removal of certain preference files from inside a container in your Library folder could have done this which just simply deleting the application wouldn't have done. I strongly suspect and worry that you did use an app cleaner. Do you have anything in your Trash that is titled If you do please don't empty your Trash. What you may want to do is move that to your Desktop and let us know if this is the case. If it is we'll detail the steps required to resolve this.

    @leobran: Did you use an app cleaner at all? If you did can you describe in a little more detail for me please what you mean by

    cannot access my passwords

    Is it 1Password is asking for a Master Password but saying yours isn't correct or is it failing to launch properly like it is for dhjdhj? There are a few scenarios so which may apply will depend an awful lot by how you are being denied access. I would also check your Trash for a folder called and like above if you find something like that move it to your Desktop and let us know.

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