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existing 1password pro (iphone) new 1 password (windows) - 1 way sync only

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I know that I'm missing something here (and can't watch youtube videos here) but my data added to my new windows based 1password account syncs to the iphone but not the reverse. Not seeing the vaults on my app version on the web version. Can you help please


  • JacobJacob

    Team Member

    Hey @ukdebc! Thanks for posting about this. I'd be happy to help get things sorted. :) I checked your account and there are 6 active items in it right now. Is that everything you have stored in 1Password? I noticed that you haven't signed in to 1Password 6 for Windows, so that may be the issue. Could you please try installing the latest version of the app and signing in to it? Your data should appear there now.

    If that does work, do you happen to have 1Password 4 installed on your computer? That's an older version of the app that doesn't support accounts. I can help you move existing data out of it if you'd like.

  • ukdebcukdebc
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    @Jacob, super delayed response, but no - I have about 40 items in the phone version.
    I am limited to what I can install on this computer - so was hoping be able to use the web based login to manage the sync

  • PilarPilar
    1Password Alumni

    Hi @ukdebc

    It sounds like all your items are still stored locally on your iPhone. You need to move them into your account to be able to access them via the browser interface. While it's easier to do this on a desktop, it can for sure be done directly on your iPhone. You need to go to each of your items and on the bottom click on "Move and Copy" then pick then "Move to Vault" and then pick the one for your account.

    Please let us know if this works well for you :chuffed:

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