Pro version being phased out?

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I notice that the Pro account is not shown on the main 1Password for Teams page ( - with just the standard service for £3.99/u/m shown. Is AgileBits phasing out the Pro option?

(I'm an existing 1Password for Teams customer (the Pro version but under the early adopter pricing); however I'm currently looking to a suitable password management solution for a 20-user client. I'm quite happy with the Standard pricing but the Pro version is eye-wateringly expensive - with other solutions such as Keeper, LassPass Enterprise and similar solutions at around the $30/u/y price point. 1P4T Pro's $143/u/y is going to be a hard sell.)

So, if you're thinking of dropping the Pro and making the standard offering the only offer, please do let me know - it will make my job far easier!

Many thanks


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  • brentybrenty

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    @ajbool: Nope! While the early adopter special is over, Pro isn't going anywhere! If you follow the Pricing link, you'll see it's still there. But if you're in a hurry and go straight to Signup, you can always switch to a Pro plan later if you want to. The Standard plan is definitely more affordable, and for most small businesses that's more than sufficient. Pro just includes advanced features which are crucial for larger scale operations, so it's priced accordingly.

  • ajboolajbool Junior Member

    Hi @brenty; thanks for the confirmation. Pity though; as Pro feels to me to be overpriced. Unfortunately the lack of Audit in the Standard offering makes that service inappropriate for many organisations - not just large scale deployments.

  • JacobJacob

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    The price may take some getting used to. I hope teams who need Standard use that and ones who need Pro go with that. They can trial the best one and decide later which fits them best. :) Auditing is definitely for the more advanced teams. Standard is for smaller companies who just need a simple password manager.

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