My colleague is unable to login to the Team Account I created

I have created team account and am able to login and use it perfectly well. However, I have added my colleague to the account and whilst he is able to login to the browser, he isn't able to get into the app. I've made him an administrator, but still not working. Is there something I need to do?

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  • john_m
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    Hi @rorymcgurk! Welcome to our forums :chuffed:

    I'll be happy to help you out! If your colleague has previously been using a standalone version of 1Password, he'll need to sign into the app using his membership details for your account - we have a guide here that shows how to start signing into an account with a previously-set-up copy of 1Password:

    The four main details he'll need to provide are the sign-in address for the account, his registered membership email address, the Secret Key he received when registering, and his self-chosen master password that he set during registration. As long as he provides all of those details correctly when signing into the app, everything should go smoothly.

    If he's still having difficulty, let me know! :+1:

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