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  • I'd also like to see a merge feature. The proliferation of 'Reused Passwords' probably occurs as follows:

    1. Go to domain
    2. Generate and save your username/password
    3. decides the login page should be
    4. 1Password is smart enough to autofill the password based on doman, but then prompts to save for this 'new' web address. It then creates a new entry instead of adding it under the existing entry as an additional website

    I now have 66 duplicated passwords, mostly for the same sight and it's really annoying to edit one, copy the url out, enter in one of the entries, and then delete the dup.

    I'd actually prefer it if the web addresses always defaulted to a top-level domain instead of the full login URL.

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    That actually shouldn't happen that way, @mrtsherman. While the URL 1Password saved for a given Login item may include a fair bit more than the TLD, it should skip saving a new Login when you fill an existing one, irrespective of what exact URL you're filling on. This is something of an oversimplification, but in essence 1Password only cares about the TLD.

    Now, where this can still bite you is when you sign up on TLD-A and sign in on TLD-B and copy/paste when the proper Login isn't suggested. Or any other scenario where you're signing in on a different TLD than what was saved and choose that copy/paste route. I run into this a fair bit myself with my Microsoft account since it's used across myriad services many of which don't have the same TLD that was originally associated with my Login item. I'm also impatient sometimes so I copy/paste rather than updating my Login item like I should. And, of course, allowing 1Password to save things is reflex at this point so I've duped myself a few times. Interestingly enough, that's one reason that just saving the TLD isn't a great solution here. You'd find yourself in the same situation in the above scenario, TLD only or not.

    With that said, I'd be curious how you did end up with these duplicates. As I mentioned, 1Password should never save something it filled. It knows that Login item already exists and nothing has changes so it has no cause to save and doesn't care about the exact URL. Are all of these duplicates using the same TLD? Are they perhaps in different vaults or accounts? Maybe saved on different devices that weren't syncing properly? While a duplicate merge tool would be most excellent, I think the better solution for you is to figure out why this is happening. By my read, it shouldn't be, which means we should be able to fix it. :+1:

  • Please prioritize merge feature. Been requested by many people over the years. Just look at Google merge contacts feature (select what to keep in a side-by-side view). I don't see any reason why this shouldn't be possible with 1Password. It's tiring reading about theoretical excuses that usually derives from wrong assumptions about what is asked.

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    Thank you for your feedback on this as well @Mikrdk! :+1:

  • Just created a new community account so I could add my comment which hopefully you can pass on...

    The likes of / / often seem to create multiple entries and a simple way to aggregate these would be really attractive.
    This is further by the fact that I've installed 1Password so I don't have to manage passwords in Chrome / Edge / Safari / MS Excel / OneDrive Personal Vault / ... and merging those sources has generated around 600 duplicates in my 1Password vault.

    Amusingly, a perfect additional example of this requirement cropped up whilst posting this comment. I registered using one email account and never received a confirmation email. I then registered successfully using a different email account. 1Password offered me "Update Saved Login" which overwrote the first userid/password pair or "Save New Login" which created a new item in the vault (and not a new entry in the existing item).

    TL;DR: As a new user, I instinctively multi-selected a pair of accounts and was disappointed not to find a "merge" option on the context menu.

  • Just a quick "me, three" or is it four?

    At minimum, I'd like to be able to mark two records as "sharing" a password. I have a UK university account, with Gmail: so I use the same password at and, but with different usernames (the domain isn't required at

    Lots of services (academic journals, for example) use shibboleth authentication against my University credentials. A myriad of redirects occur, and credentials show up as reused passwords in various places. I'd like to be able to just select a pair, or larger set of records and acknowledge that the passwords are meant to be shared.

    In some cases, it would be useful to merge records with shared passwords. For example, one has a username, another a web URL, and a third has a software license key. Perhaps virtual merging, would be nice, so that records can be unmerged if necessary.

    One more request: when I'm managing the list of records with reused passwords, I might delete one of a pair of records. It would be nice if the other one could hang about in the list until I'm done managing that list. Of course, I don't want it to re-appear when I next check the list, but I'd like to be able - perhaps - to edit the remaining record without having to go hunt it down. For example, I may have copied a field out of the deleted record.

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    I would just like to chime in and agree with the other customers. I have a very similar situation to ianeiloart. My university uses a one-log-in system, which means there are many different sub-domains and wifi settings that MUST use the same password. Usually, the username remains the same, but not always (e.g. for wifi I have to use the username "anonymous"). The way this has gone in 1p, is that there is a separate entry for each one. I could go through and manually add the different addresses, but I keep coming across new ones every few months as I am at a large university and there are so many different things to log into. It's not a huuuge deal, but it does make using the watchtower frustrating, and as such, I have mostly ignored the watchtower ever since I started at this university. Additionally, I decided only to post on this after seeing the response of the 1p staff, which I definitely read as unnecessarily dismissive.

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    I've been asking for this for years. I had nearly 3,000 duplicates. The tool removed about 150. The remainder must be, according to 1Password, near duplicates, though they appear identical to me. The "development team" doesn't' care. They told me, essentially: sorry, our users are too stupid to safely use a "near duplicate" tool, you need to clean them manually one by one. No, we won't help you.

    Crappy support.

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    If you've already talked with our email support, it sounds like they did what they could. I'm sorry to hear that your duplicates remain and that we could not help you. The duplicate removal tool is still the best option. When it does not do the job, it's back to human interaction for that ultimate decision, to keep or purge.

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    +1 to the chorus of requests for a duplicate-merging feature.
    I'm a relatively new 1P user, on a one-person team plan, pitching it to my colleagues in a startup whenever one of us needs to use a login that someone else has the keys for. Also pitching the next level up, and also pitching my spouse, because hey I love your service.

    My duplicates almost entirely come from importing passwords from Chrome and Keychain. Most of them can be spotted fairly quickly by searching for duplicated passwords, but sometimes they're just a vestigial record of an old login. Sometimes this was just a password change, but it also came about fairly often due to a change of username. This is clearly the sort of thing that 1P would track as history, whereas my prior password management systems just left the old one hanging around and created a new record. You might begin to see what I'm going to suggest.

    I'd love to see a merge feature that took advantage of 1P's capacity for tracking the history of an item. Something where I can look at a pair of items and select which one is canonical, but also choose whether to save the non-canonical one as an historical record. (My interface imaginings have me seeing a side-by-side, clicking a little triangle on one of them to expand a list of historical entries, and then dragging the old one into place on the list. If I don't drag one item into place in the other's history list, I can't click the greyed out Commit Changes button... unless I click a checkbox indicating approval for deletion of the non-canonical item.)

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    Thank you for the feedback @heaventwig! I am not a developer so I don't know how feasible this could be, but I can tell you that I have sent your suggestions to the rest of the team for consideration :+1:

    ref: dev/projects/customer-feature-requests#78

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