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Hello, in 1Password 4 it was possible to manually edit saved Web form details. It was useful when 1Password didn't succeed to save form details properly, e.g. it saved unwanted fields, it missed some fields, fields of the web were renamed and weren't filled anymore etc.
Do you plan to return this handy feature?

1Password Version: 7.0.532
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OS Version: Windows 10 Pro
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  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    @oksoftware: It's something we do want to introduce, but I don't know a timeline at this point. It's definitely on the list, though! :+1:

  • Thank you. Typically when I need this is every time when I am offered to save a password after some registration and newly create item in 1Password is full of my personal details. And it is unwanted behaviour that whenever I will log in on that website 1Password will try to guess the fields where my name, phone etc. can be inserted :-)

  • AGAlumBAGAlumB 1Password Alumni

    @oksoftware: Keep in mind that if you're saving on a page that contains those fields, 1Password should try to save and fill them. So generally it's best to save on the page where you actually want to use the login. But there are probably things we can do to improve in that regard as well, so if you let us know the URL(s) we'll be happy to take a look. Cheers! :)

  • @brenty: It's clear, but sometimes it simply happens :-) Or, 1Password saves some unwanted fields (like search field etc.) if the web page is terribly designed.

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @oksoftware,

    The reason we'd like to know about where this happens is so that we can "train" our extension to avoid doing that. A lot of web sites reuse the same library or code where we can sort of figure out how to work around them and only save what is needed.

    If you can share it, or for privacy reason, you can email it to us at [email protected] with the link to this thread included, it can help us a lot.

  • Definitely be very nice to have this feature.
    Use cases.
    1. Improving imported data - I have a lot as a new adopter.
    2. Repairing badly saved data.
    3. I shouldn't have to save it at the time to be able to use this feature.

  • AGAlumBAGAlumB 1Password Alumni

    Indeed, while Im not sure what you mean by "badly saved" (1Password only saves what's on the page when you tell it to), it's something we'll be adding in an update. :)

  • I fully understand what does it mean the badly saved data - some web "designers" put many fields together on one page. When you save your login information from such web, you can find saved fields like search field, language option, etc.

  • AGAlumBAGAlumB 1Password Alumni

    @oksoftware: Ah, gotcha. Yes, that makes sense, and is something we're also familiar with. Thank you! :lol:

  • @brenty Badly saved - When I'm signing up to a site and I save from the create account page, I get a lot of extra cruft saved in the web from details fields. Bottom line, if they were easily editable, it would allow the data to be fixed.

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Thanks for the details. If you see this issue again, please do report the site to us.

    The goal of web form details was never fixing the problem like this, it was to investigate why the extension may struggle with the site and to report it to us to fix it in future. Our 1Password extension can only get better by studying the problematic sites.

    We do plan to support full editing of web form details completely but it may also be removed completely if we were to bring in a new generation of 1Password extension that doesn't use these details anymore.

  • @marksreid I had given direct saving of credentials from web forms up a long time ago, although in 1PW4 the saved fields were editable. I have found much more user friendly to let 1PW to generate a new password, to use it in the signup form, then logout and login back. The new password will be kept in the clipboard, so you don’t beed to worry about loosing of the password, because it will be stored in 1PW as a Password item. This scenario has two great advantages: in most cases you will save only a username and the password, and the web field of the new item will contain a proper URL of the login form.

  • AGAlumBAGAlumB 1Password Alumni

    That's a good point. Personally, it drives me a little nuts when I have 1Password open a login and it takes me to the page where I signed up, so for sites I use frequently, I save on the login page instead. Saves me time and hassle long-term. Cheers! :)

  • Just thought I'd chip in with an example (which I'm thinking is the similar sort of issue @oksoftware was experiencing)

    Site: https://admiral.com/

    Login Url: https://myaccount.admiral.com/login


    1. Browser Extension/1PMini attempts to stuff the wrong data types into the corresponding login fields.

    Reviewing 1Password [Web form details]

    1. 3 credentials saved against this entry: {pw1} {pw2} {username}
    • 1st credential {pw1} is null/empty
    • 2nd credential {pw2} is of type 'password'
    • 3rd credential {username} is of type 'email'
    1. The saved credential order and 'type' do not align with that of the web form. E.g. the Extension/1PMini takes credential (3), matches it to field (2) which is of type 'date' generating an error.

    2. Credentials saved with null/empty value and wrong field 'type'. I.e. {pw1} should be of type 'date'.

    ---insert gratuitous, colour coordinated screenshot :p ---

    I'm sure that there's a heavy element to this that's almost impossible to code for; with a huge range of legacy sites, new & changing platforms and no real standardised login process, it'd be totally unrealistic to expect 1Password to be able to handle each and every possibility/permutation.

    Giving users the possibility of adjusting or amending these manually would go someway to quickly resolving problems that pop like this.

    Possible solutions

    Web Form Details:

    • A slider/handle that can be picked up and dragged to reorder the web fill details. So in my example here being able to grab the {username} field and quickly move it from position 3 to 1.
    • A toggle/drop down against the field to change the data 'type'. So in my example quickly being able to alter {pw2} to a field of type 'date'.
    • An edit button/lock against the web form details, with a more detailed prompt/warning about editing etc. E.g. why should/shouldn't users tweak these settings.


    • Updating the main credential fields/layout template to indicate more clearly how they interact with the browser ext./1PMini
    • Perhaps going a stage further and even merging the two sections together, with some of the functionality from the above, so as to remove the need for 'web form details' completely?
    • Inserting the option 'report site to 1Password' which generates some form of anonymised error submission back to Agilebits for statistical review etc. A sort of flag "hey I had to change the details on {insert site} due to {insert issue}" and then if you get more than X% of returns for a given site, an engineer could take a quick review and see if the logic or script needed a tweak/update to be better able to process that specific type of login prompt etc.

    It's not a daily occurrence - on the whole I'd say there's somewhere around an 80% hit rate in terms of capturing the details right 1st time, but it's frequent enough that the method for adjusting/editing is a little awkward. As a user of a previous password mgmt tool for about 5yrs (I know shame on me! ;) ) that **did ** provide the ability to tweak the autofill details; that's not to argue the validity or functionality of being able to do that per say, but more as a statement that perhaps a number of newer 1P converts could already be accustomed to managing their details this way and so find the implementation here peculiar to how their used to other (lesser? :p ) tools working.

    Huge wall of text over!

    Hope that makes sense....


  • AGAlumBAGAlumB 1Password Alumni

    Thanks for the example and suggestions — and the "gratuitous, colour coordinated screenshot"! ;) I'm glad to hear that overall you're having good success with filling and that it isn't often necessary to manually edit. That's something we're focused on with our new filling engine, since most users won't do this anyway. It should just work. But we do want to offer more advanced editing capabilities too for when they are useful. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this! :)

  • Hi,
    Just wondering if there are any news regarding this feature? From what I've seen this is something that has been asked for since 2014.... And to be fair, I think it's a basic one that other password managers offer. I have a single website URL for which I have dozens of logins that I need to login with 3 differen fields: company code, username, password. But 1Pass will save the username as being the company code and will fill the company code field with the username - plus, it will disregard the company code. This means that for the dozens of times that I need to login with different usernames/company codes, I have to: 1) cut companycode field value (that 1Password fills with the wrong information); 2) paste that value in the correct place (username); 3) go to my notes and grab the correct company code; 4) paste the company code in the correct field.

    This is highly unpractical and the fact that I cannot edit my webform fields to fix it is just something that make me think about using other tool. Please do fix this.

    Thank you

  • AGAlumBAGAlumB 1Password Alumni

    @nmduarte: I can't imagine that people were asking for this feature in 2014, as this 1Password app did not exist at all until late 2016. ;) Anyway, it isn't really practical for 1Password users to have to manually edit web form data all the time, so our focus is on improving 1Password's filling logic; we're in the process of deploying a new filling engine to make even more possible.

    And in cases like you describe, often manually editing would not help anyway, if the fields are not understood by 1Password in the first place. But it's hardly a common problem, since in most cases manually saving a new login for the site will allow 1Password to save additional information from the form to fill better — including 3 or more fields. Just try these steps to save the login manually:

    1. Navigate to the website
    2. Enter your login credentials
    3. Click the 'keyhole' icon to bring up the extension
    4. Click the 'gear' icon for Settings
    5. Click Save New Login
    6. Give it a name and Save
    7. Close the webpage and select your new login from the extension to have 1Password Go & Fill
    8. Submit the form manually if you have autosubmit disabled

    If you're still having trouble, it would help to know the URL so we can test it and potentially offer a workaround, or make improvements to 1Password to help with that specific site.

  • Hi, I have another example, where it was handy to have the ability to edit webform fields in a way it was possible in 1Password 4. I remember a web of one bank. The login fields got always unique ID, but the field names remain consistent. Unfortunately the algorithm of 1Password chose to remember IDs, so it was never successful to fill the form again. Simple renaming of the webform fields helped to solve the issue (obviously it was useful for advanced users only with at least basic knowledge of HTML).
    I really can't understand why there is so much talking about a pretty simple and requested feature. If you are aware of users changing those fields accidentally, you can control the possibility of webform fields editing in Settings.

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @oksoftware,

    All we can say is that it's planned for a future update but it is not a high priority, we have a lot of work ahead of us that needs to be done first.

    If you have an example with the latest 1Password update that causes this problem, we'd like to hear about it, so our extension team can train our newer algorithms to work better on all related sites. The latest 1Password 7.2 update has a massive update that works better on many sites with new ML-trained algorithms and that's just the beginning. Filling after saving on a registration form should no longer fill any non-relevant data and if you see this, we need to know.

  • Hi, I fully understand and agree this is not a priority. I would rather see solved many annoying issues like when items not displayed when I click on a tag or category (a random issue - I need to click somewhere else and then go back to the tag or category I wanted to see),

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @oksoftware,

    Yep, that UI glitch should be resolved by the work we're doing right now related to threading. It is taking much longer than we expected but we'll get it working right from the get-go so that it won't happen again regardless of what new features we add over time.

  • Hi,

    Another problem scenario is when a website changes the name of their form fields. I've got a login saved for a website which has just done this, so the 1Password extension tries to use the old field names and obviously fails when it posts the form.

    I very recently (literally a week ago) switched up from 1Password 4 where I could simply change the field names in the 1Password login entry, but since I can't edit them now I have to make a record somewhere of all the notes, tags, linked items, etc, delete the entry in 1Password and then manually log in to the site to "save" the details as a "new" entry, then manually restore all the metadata.

    Or am I missing something?



  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    @mike99: You're not missing anything to my knowledge other than the fact that you can copy/paste from the existing entry and delete it after, if you find that simpler. As Mike mentioned upthread, this is something that's planned for a later update. It's not a high priority at present, but we'll get there. :+1:

  • I understand that you feel editing web form fields by hand doesn't scale beyond power users, but your power users are some of your most powerful advocates.

    This used to be available before 1P v7: please bring it back.

    Why did I want it? A financial site with a two-stage login process, where more than one field is hidden, so 1P can't seem to distinguish one 'password' field from another.

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  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    @amh: I've merged your thread into another with some ongoing discussion on the topic of web form details so you have some context from our prior discussions about the issue. I don't want to repeat everything already said here, but in short this is already something we do plan to introduce in a later update. We're in the midst of a sizable project to address some performance issues so it's not currently a high priority or something I expect to be added soon, but we understand its utility and do intend to add it.

    Keep in mind 1Password 7 is all new code. Everything from 1Password 4 must be rewritten and there were quite a lot of features in 1Password 4. Some are still missing, like editable form details and auto-type, just to name some of those most commonly requested. We are aware of these and they're on the road map. We appreciate your feedback and we don't intend to take these features away, we just need time to build them again. :+1:

  • Thank you - I appreciate your reply. I'll keep an eye out.

  • AGAlumBAGAlumB 1Password Alumni

    Likewise, thanks for letting us know the features you're looking for. Have a great weekend! :chuffed:

  • Hello everyone,
    This message is just to let you know that I also would be quite happy with editable form details. Usually 1password autofill works perfectly fine, but from website to website with strange DOM architecture, it fails (and I wouldn't incriminate 1password for this...). In this case it would be nice to be able to correct it manually.

  • Not only editable form details, but I want to be able to manually override the selector which is used to determine the field. I find that on certain sites, 1Passwords algorithms are always failing. For me it's just annoying, but I can quickly work around it. For my mum though - she's technologically inept and can't access her bank account when this happens.

    If I could craft the selector myself, I could prevent this from happening. Sure, I'm aware of the risks. Make me jump through a few hoops to enable it if necessary - but it would mean I'm not constantly waiting for the algorithms to catch up, or for things to break when they inevitably change (which also happens regularly).

  • AGAlumBAGAlumB 1Password Alumni

    @Baski, @Rhys Lloyd: They are editable. What version are you using? But while I'm certainly okay with you both understanding that filling is a hard problem, it would be better if you let us know the specific URLs where you're having trouble so we can improve 1Password for everyone if possible. That's much better than expecting people to manually fiddle with this stuff. :)

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