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    @Blake I attached them via the "Attach a file" dropdown, not via the "Insert an image". Let me try again.

    Oh, after attaching them, and then when I click "Post comment", it gives me the message "You are not allowed to upload files in this category".

  • Here they are again.

  • When I try to post the comment with the attachments, I receive a message that states "You are not allowed to upload files in this category".

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    Are you using the little image icon about the text area in your reply? Here is what it looks like:

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    @MikeT I'd encountered this bug on my.1password.com in the past.

    That may be a bug with our filling algorithm. In your Login item with the Secret Key, is the custom field named Secret Key precisely? 1Password is supposed to prompt you to update the Login item when the Secret Key is different but it may not be doing it properly.

    I thought I was losing my mind till I tripped over "Show Form Details" in the web UI:

    I deleted the old Login entry and saved a fresh one, and now I can rest.

    Thanks for squashing that bug.

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    Thank you for the update @phyllisstein! :)

  • @Blake

    Hey Blake, I apologize for the delay. You can grab the HTML yourself by going to https://www.communitypsychiatry.com/make-a-payment/ and choosing a "location", typing in anything for the account number (such as "1234") and typing in a dollar amount (such as "40"), then click "Make a Payment" and you will be taken to the page I am talking about. Does that work?

  • @ag_ana Yes, that's what I was using. Let me try again.

    @Blake Here are the attachments.

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    Apologies for the equally as delayed reply on my behalf 😞

    Since we've kinda' played reply-tag the past few weeks, I'm going to include your questions about this particular website quoted below, and my findings to each part.

    Observation 1: Neither "login" (screenshot1.png and screenshot2.png) show up on that page when I click in the First Name or Last Name text field. Now I realize this is probably due to the fact that First Name and Last Name are seen as an "Identity" or "Credit Card" entry in the eyes of 1Password. Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

    I was able to successfully reproduce the same results you're seeing here. The fact you're not seeing your login item whenever you click on "First Name" or "Last Name" is definitely because 1Password is expecting that to be an Identity or Credit Card item, and not a Login item. Totally understandable there, but certainly something we can take another look at.

    Issue/Observation 2: When clicking in the Email Address text field, choosing the login entry from screenshot1.png fills in all the fields correctly, except for "Email Address" (see screenshot3.png), where it fills in the "Customer ID" -- this is probably because login entry from screenshot1.png contains the "Customer ID" in the username field. Please provide your thoughts/confirm my hypothesis. On the other hand, when clicking in the Email Address text field, choosing the login entry from screenshot2.png fills in all the fields correctly (see screenshot4.png) -- this is probably because the login entry from screenshot2.png contains the "email address" in the username field. Again, please provide your thoughts/confirm my hypothesis.

    This wasn't something I was able to replicate on my side of things, after manually saving a login item for the website using these instructions.

    Clicking on any field in which the login item I saved using the "create a login item manually" method is offered inline autofills all fields properly. Can you try recreating your login again using those same instructions to see if you see similar results?


  • Hi @Blake

    Thank you for the reply. I no longer use this website and I just don't have the bandwidth to continue troubleshooting this. Though I very much appreciate all the time you've spent with this. Thank you again for all your help.

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    On behalf of Blake, you are welcome @jdstone, and thank you for all your help so far! If you decide to give this another go, let us know and we will be happy to continue working on this together :+1:

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