Editing Web form details fields [Planned]



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    @Blake I attached them via the "Attach a file" dropdown, not via the "Insert an image". Let me try again.

    Oh, after attaching them, and then when I click "Post comment", it gives me the message "You are not allowed to upload files in this category".

  • Here they are again.

  • When I try to post the comment with the attachments, I receive a message that states "You are not allowed to upload files in this category".

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Are you using the little image icon about the text area in your reply? Here is what it looks like:

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    @MikeT I'd encountered this bug on my.1password.com in the past.

    That may be a bug with our filling algorithm. In your Login item with the Secret Key, is the custom field named Secret Key precisely? 1Password is supposed to prompt you to update the Login item when the Secret Key is different but it may not be doing it properly.

    I thought I was losing my mind till I tripped over "Show Form Details" in the web UI:

    I deleted the old Login entry and saved a fresh one, and now I can rest.

    Thanks for squashing that bug.

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Thank you for the update @phyllisstein! :)

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