How does the family plan work for a family who use both Window/Android and Mac/iOS? Ugh...

I am thinking to purchase the family plan for my family of 4. Here is the dilemma: my husband and the oldest son are in Windows/Android, while I and my youngest son are in Mac/iOS. Will they have different vaults? Can we still sync as a family under one account?

Do I have to invite them to my vault? Should my youngest son synch with his iClound? I don't know how the back-end works...

If you can help me understand if there is a way that we can ONE plan under two OS systems, it will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you-

1Password Version: iPassword7
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Mojave
Sync Type: iCloud and Window??
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  • Hi @pdidner! You don't have to worry at all! Your single family plan will account for all of those situations and will allow you to install on all of those configurations.

    As it pertains to vaults, each family member will be able to create and share vaults across the family. You can find more information about creating and sharing here: and

  • MeekMeek

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    Hey @pdidner,

    As Jeremy mentioned, a 1Password Families membership will cover your situation perfectly! All the apps for Mac, iOS, Android and Windows will work perfectly together. All your family members can install any combination of them on your devices.

    Each family member will get their own "Personal" vault that only they have access to, and there will also be a Shared vault that everyone has access to. You can also create your own additional vaults and share them with whoever you'd like within your family.

    Let us know if you have any more questions.

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