Jupiter Ed - unable to fill Student's Name.

When trying to login to https://login.jupitered.com/login/
I need to be on the "parent" tab. I don't know if that's stored in a cookie or something, but every time I go to it, it defaults me to be on that Parent tab (so that part is good!).

I've tried entering the "Student's Name or ID" and "Password" ... and saving a new login. It seems to save the Password fine (in the regular password field, but also in Web Form Details, it shows saved as text_password1 ...

... but the Student's name or ID will NOT save, no matter what I try.

Any ideas?

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
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  • Hello @tybrewer,

    I don't have anything promising to offer at the moment I'm afraid. Rather than doing the sensible thing and using a standard text input field for the user ID, the page has been designed where what you're clicking on isn't an input field at all, it's an element used for logical formatting. They then use JavaScript to interact with a hidden input field and also update the non-editable but visible element. I can't think why anybody would go to those lengths when a simple input field of type text has been part of HTML for so many, many years and has full support in even ancient browsers.

    The result of this baffling design decision though is it completely messes with 1Password. I will file a report but I'm unsure what the outcome will be. Ideally you never want to be interacting with hidden elements but I can't see how we can do anything with this page if we don't.

    They've done the same for the school name and city but not the password, that they've left as an input field of type password. I really can't fathom why somebody would design a page in this manner.

    ref: xplatform/brain#65

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