Where is 1Password 4.2 for Mac update? [website version available; MAS version will come from Apple]



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    Hi @tiantai,

    Earlier, in a topic that's now merged with the one with your question, @ralphdaily asked:

    Will the pending MAS 4.2 update introduce the same sync bug as the current website download? Just want to know whether to hold off when the update appears

    … and @JasperP answered:

    The latest website version (4.2.2) should have the sync issues fixed. Version 4.2.2 is the version that will be released on the Mac App Store once Apple approves it. Version 4.2 won't appear on the Mac App Store, as it had some sync issues.

    That's the same answer for yours, too. :)

  • I have 1PW for Mac version 4.1.2. I purchased it via the Apple Store. I noticed that there is now a new 4.2.2 version on the agile bits website, but when I look for updates in the Apple Store there are none. How come? Can I download the version from the website and update my version with than one? This is confusing ...

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    Hi @albertoc,

    I've moved your post into another topic with answers about the 1Password 4.2.2 update. It'll be available in the Mac App Store as soon as Apple finishes reviewing and approving it. Switching to the website version is possible, but it uses a different 1Password database than the Mac App Store version so we suggest simply waiting for that forthcoming 4.2.2 MAS update. :)

  • As a MAS purchaser, I appreciate that AgileBits is waiting on Apple to review and approve the latest update of 1Password; but the delay is killing me.
    Obviously if I didn't know the non-MAS 4.2.2 update had been released into the wild something like ten days ago I would be none the wiser! :)

  • sjksjk oversoul 1Password Alumni

    Hi @AndrewParker,

    Ignorance is bliss? Seems Apple's on spring break. :)

    Hopefully for all, the next MAS status update is the update.

  • ronenronen
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    I'm also waiting for the upgrade through AppStore .. 4.1.2 - 4.2.2

    Timothy Donald "Tim" Cook , please iinstruct someone ;)

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Me too. :) I happen to use the App Store version for my day to day usage. Unfortunately it sounds like it may be a little bit longer before the update is available. We'd much rather delay the update than release something that is half baked.



  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @ronen,

    Thanks so much for your patience! We'll release the MAS version just as soon as it is ready. :)

  • Thanks for the info, guys. 1Password works great for me, so I am not THAT anxious about 4.2.2. I do wish, though, you made the Credit Card auto-filling engine more powerful. To this day, I wasn't able to fill any CC form with 1Password.

  • Still no sign nearly 2 weeks on. Has the 4.2 update been rejected by Apple?

  • AgileBits, I think it is time to admit what the hold up is with MAS version 4.2.

    In this thread http://discussions.agilebits.com/discussion/comment/113720/#Comment_113720 we have a user blaming Apple for "dragging its heels".

    Is this really what is happening; or is the source of the issue closer to home?


  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @AndrewParker,

    Thanks for checking in on us here! As you may have noticed in the forums here, a few issues have been detected in the 4.2 release. Our developers have managed to properly squash these bugs, so we've decided that the best course of action here is to simply skip to the next release so that Mac App Store customers get the fixes to these issues, instead of having to work around them first. I know that there are some nice improvements in 4.2 that you're all excited to see, so I do apologize for the inconvenience here.

    As usual, we can't comment on when the next version will be released, as there are too many factors involved, many of which (like Apple's review process) are completely beyond our control.

    We very much appreciate your patience and understanding here - we'll do our best to have the new awesomeness available soon! :)

  • BD1BD1 Junior Member

    Any estimate when this will be available?

  • Did Apple find these "bugs" when Agile submitted the update or was it the people here informing Agile?

    It just seems for software so many, including me, rely on for some serious information - there are a lot of serious bugs in every update. Let alone from the 4.0 initial release. I know for me I seriously cringe thinking if I should click update when it comes in. Now that I have 4.1.2, working and syncing for all my devices (iMac, MBP, iPhone & iPad) after many hours/days/weeks getting 1PW to work. Lots of reading here too for direction to solve issues.

  • That's disappointing. If your developers have already managed to properly squash the bugs...why not resubmit it for release? Is there perhaps a cost associated with each submission? If not, I would rather get all the 4.2.x benefits now, and be a happy recipient of more awesome new stuff in whatever release comes up next. After all...if you hold off now until the next release, who is to say that release will not also experience this same delay? I bet if you took a poll of your customer base, they would much rather see you not wait, but resubmit your fixes now....

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    Hi guys, where is 4.2.x in MAS - it was official released since few days, but no update in MAS until now?

  • sjksjk oversoul 1Password Alumni

    Hey everyone,

    I've merged some topics with inquiries about availability of the next 1Password 4 update from Mac App Store. Briefly summarizing, we're skipping to the next release for that update. Please refer to @Megan's earlier post (#40) for more information about this.

  • Thank you @Megan. I will interpret what you have said in #40 as meaning MAS customers should ignore any statements made previously by AgileBits staff that 1Password 4.2 has been submitted to Apple and that any delay is down to Apple's review and approve procedure.
    What I am unclear about is whether MAS customers will ever see 4.2, or whether we have to wait until 4.3, or 5.0! I now feel like a poor relation :(
    It is probably for the best that I stop monitoring these forums and simply wait for MAS to notify me a new release is available to me, in one week or one year.

  • It's been several weeks and the 1Password 4 update for the MacApp Store version is still not showing up :-( Any reason that Apple is delaying the release of this update? As far as I know, it generally doesn't take several weeks for them to approve a new version. What's going on?

  • It's March 27 and the App Store has not yet accepted 4.2.x - Have you heard anything from Apple explaining the hold-up? This is frustrating.

  • pbGuypbGuy Member

    See the Agile Teams responses at this link...

  • Hmm... @pbGuy, your link doesn't really answer my question. I'm not having any sync problems. My question is how come the update for the MAS version is taking so long to propagate. Why the roadblock/speed bump from Apple?

  • ErikvdErikvd Junior Member

    Is there a problem with 4.2.x, why Apple has not yet accepted this version in the App Store?

  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @AndrewParker,

    I sincerely apologize if you are feeling like a poor relation here! That was certainly not our intent. Please understand that when we said that 4.2 was currently being reviewed by Apple, it was undergoing the review process. During this process however, as we noticed the bugs that users were reporting, we decided it was best not to release it in its current form.

    As I've mentioned above, 4.2 will not be released through the Mac App Store. Our developers are putting the final touches on 4.3 at the moment, and we hope to have it available for all users soon. Of course I can't provide many more details than that, because we don't want to get your hopes up, but we understand your frustration here and we'll do our best to get the latest and greatest version of 1Password out as soon as possible.

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    Hey @tiantai, @btjones34711, @Erikvd.

    Please refer to @Megan's recent replies about the status of the next 1Password 4 update from the Mac App Store. Thanks!

  • I read about the Mac store app being update in the coming days. It's been about 2 weeks and still no update. Do we know when it will go through? I would really like to edit my username and passwords for 1password mini!

  • Got it. Essentially then v4.2 or 4.2.1 will not release on the MacApp Store and we're waiting for Agilebits to finish v4.3 which then will be reviewed by Apple then finally released. Gotcha.

    Mmmmm. ... About 3 weeks? ;-)

  • sjksjk oversoul 1Password Alumni

    Hi @tiantai,

    We can't be sure yet which specific version numbers the next website and Mac App Store updates will have or estimate how long it will be until they're released.

    You can get some idea of development progress by looking at the 1Password 4 for Mac Release Notes page with Show betas enabled. :)

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    Hi @shadylane318‌,

    I've merged your post with an existing discussion. Please see my posts above for details on the issue. :)

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