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  • ag_anaag_ana

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    We don't have a timeline to share at the moment I am afraid, but thank you for letting us know that you would like this as well :)

  • Any update on this? I'm currently in trial with 1Password and a few competitors. I absolutely love everything about this product except your sharing solution through the vaults. We are a small team but it will be a hard pass if this isn't even being seriously considered.

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Other than copying the item in multiple vaults, or putting it directly in a shared vault, I am afraid that we don't have anything else to share at the moment :(

  • This has also been very painful for us - please move higher up your priority list, we need this functionality and not having it completely obscures the purpose of vaults in the first place.

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Noted @Sessapine, thank you for letting us know!

  • LewGLewG

    We are also very interested in this for a Teams account we're setting up, We have a variety of team members -- many of whom need access to shared interests in various vaults,

  • ag_maxag_max

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    Hi @LewG

    Thanks for taking the time to share, and for letting us know your team could benefit from this functionality. :smile:

  • Hello, I will immediately buy OnePassword Business with at least 25 seats as soon as this feature is implemented fully/correctly. We absolutely need **group **plus **individual **password access and sharing permissions for our department that has a mix of roles - IT support / developers / admin / AV / contractors. We manage hundreds of passwords, and I can see that as it stands now, to grant the correct visibility to each person / unit, I would have to create and maintain many multiple vaults and synchronise the duplicated passwords in each. That is a messy work-around that is not flexible or scalable. I have had 'OnePassword' as an approved line item in my budget for the last two years but will not purchase until this issue is resolved. I would prefer to use OnePassword versus other similar online tools based on your ownership and privacy policy. I check these forums every few months and read the same threads to see when this feature will be implemented - hoping that it will be soon! :) Hope this feedback is helpful - I can explain further offline if necessary.

  • ag_maxag_max

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    I appreciate you sharing your feedback about your use case here. I also encourage you to reach out to our Go To Market team at [email protected], if you're not already in contact with them. They may be able to work with you and provide a solution using the current features found in 1Password.

  • ClemensGClemensG
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    I wanted to enroll 1password to our teams as well, but lacking the feature of "linked" items is holding me off too.
    We have some hundreds of passwords to share between our teams. Some of them shared with only one other team, some of them with multiple teams. Building separate vaults for every sharing constellation makes the product quite unusable. People always have to use the "all vaults" option, which makes it hard to manage private and shared accounts within one account.
    Most users don't know who has access to a password, so can't choose the right vault to search.

    I understand that the separate encryption keys for each vault are an issue for this feature, but isn't there a way around? Thinking of some kind of an update table only holding IDs and timestamps of linked items which got updated and as soon as someone with access to both/all vaults with the linked item logs on, it gets updated. If someone uses this linked item, without having access to the vault with the updated version, you could at least give him a warning about a possibly outdated item.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @ClemensG

    It is possible that there could be another solution here in the future, but for now creating separate vaults for each sharing situation is the only option. Unfortunately I suspect if there were an easy win to be had here we would've already taken it.

    Thinking of some kind of an update table only holding IDs and timestamps of linked items which got updated and as soon as someone with access to both/all vaults with the linked item logs on, it gets updated.

    It would seem this would mean having to decrypt the full details of each item in that table every time anyone with access to those items unlocks 1Password. Depending on how big the table is, that could substantially slow the process. Not saying that for sure this approach wouldn't work, but that is one potential roadblock I could foresee.


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