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  • Boss1Pass
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    hmmm, just upgraded to 7 and autofill in mini doesn't seem to work at all. Also the keyboard shortcut 'command-\' doesn't work. I have to copy-paste login and password to enter Facebook for example. I open mini, select the right login and hit 'command-\' -> the mini popup window disappears and nothing happens. Also generated passwords don't autofill.....am I doing something wrong?

    EDIT: 1password 7 is not a free upgrade unfortunately.......I'm all set now;-) Sorry for the hassle.

  • Hi @Boss1Pass

    Welcome. Sorry to hear about the trouble you're having getting mini to activate / fill. Could you please let me know which web browser you're using and which version of the 1Password extension you have installed in that browser?


  • Lars
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    @Boss1Pass - thanks for the update, glad you figured out what was going on. Let us know if you have any further questions/issues! :)

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