Password and vault problem

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I have just migrated from 1password 6 to 7 and in the process of creating a master password it was suggested I strengthen it which I did, but when I logged in the new password did not work and I had to resort to the original password.
I now have a primary vault and a personal vault and am unable to delete the primary vault and neither password works so syncing is not working properly.
When asked to login to it accepts the new password.
How can I resolve the issue.

1Password Version: 7.3.2
Extension Version: 7.3.2
OS Version: OS10.14.6
Sync Type: ICloud


  • Henry
    1Password Alumni

    Hi @BunnyW! It sounds like you didn't finish migrating to your 1Password account (which would include removing that old Primary vault at the end). Having a standalone Primary vault alongside your 1Password account-synced vaults can often cause syncing and Master Password confusion like you described.

    I'd recommend follow our migration guide here from start to finish; once you copy all the data from your Primary vault over to your Personal/Private vault, tied to your 1Password account, you can follow the steps under Set up your other devices there to properly tie all your devices to your new account.

    Let me know if that helps and I'll be here for more anytime. :)


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