Slow app and browser extension

The mac app is really really slow and the same with an extension of that app on the browser. Have to wait quite some time to make edits on saved items. Even when logging into the app with either password or touch ID, it took quite some time.

1Password Version: 7.7
Extension Version:
OS Version: 11.1
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • Same here. Created a new login with the Chrome Extension. And I still can't find it 30 min later in the 1P app.
    Thankfully, I could find it just fine and right away on my iPad, but very strange.
    I feel like I just want a "sync" option to go force a resync.

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    I'm also having the same problems on both my private and business macs which are both updated and rarely using more than average of the HW-resources.

    Right now I'm seeing that adding new objects or editing existing ones can take 5-10 seconds after each click :(

    As a workaround I'm now using the web-ui, not ideal but I'll do.

  • Me too. Taking 15+ seconds to add or edit item using the Mac app.

  • Same here, takes a long time to unlock the app, for the browser extension to show up, editing is sluggish.

  • Same thing for me with 1Password 7.7 (70700016) on macOS 11.1. (This was a clean install of macOS on a new 2019 MBP.) Saving a new or updated entry can take nearly 10 seconds, rendering the thick client virtually unusable for day-to-day work.

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    Thank you for the reports. The development team is investigating. If anyone is up for trying the beta. It will be the first place to see any improvements.

    Enable the betas.

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    Try switching vaults and back again, if an item does not show up immediately.

  • Same here, when will there be an update, it takes 10 seconds to unlock after filling out the password or touchID.

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    Our developers are investigating this, so hopefully we will have an update as soon as possible :+1:

  • FWIW, the macOS desktop app’s performance continues to degrade with each use.

    With delays in excess of 90 seconds (the last measured clocked in at 97), it is now completely unusable.

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    A few users have mentioned here in the forum/community that emptying their 1Password trash, then completely restarting 1Password helped. Do you have a number of items in your 1Password trash? If so, this may help you too. Please check any vaults you may have. * Be sure to save any items in the trash that you may want to keep.

    Have you sent us a diagnostic report from your device? If not, please do so.


    For the restart: Look for our helper in the menu bar near the WiFi indicator and the clock. Right-click on the helper and select quit 1Password completely. Wait a few seconds and then open 1Password from the Dock or the Applications folder.


    Please send that report to [email protected] Be sure to include the following information with your submission.

    Your user name here in the forum. ravidew
    A link to this topic.

    • Please do not post your diagnostic report to the forum. This is for your privacy and security.

    The report will be in zip format. Please send the entire file. You will receive an auto-reply from BitBot, our auto-responder. Please post the Ticket ID you receive back here.

  • @ag_tommy Thanks, I tried that already. I will send another diag report.

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    We look forward to hearing from you.

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