Running 1Password on GrapheneOS (Android 11)

I'm running GrapheneOS (Android 11) on a Pixel 4a device. I've installed the 1Password app (via the Aurora store / Play official APK) and all seems ok until loading the app for the first time. The app simply freezes with a white screen (no interaction possible).

Any ideas on how to debug this and get it working?

1Password Version: 7.7.6
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Android 11 / GrapheneOS


  • To confirm, this appears to be an issue across all devices running the latest version of GrapheneOS. The app installs from Google Play (with a few warnings), then fails to load when opened. White screen hangs and no further action can be taken.

    Considering i've had several paid accounts for 4+ years (using mac desktop and ios, then moving to linux desktop and grapheneos), i'm seriously looking around at my options considering your company sells itself on privacy ( -> "Uniquely secure. Private by design").

    Feeling pretty deflated right now

  • ag_timothyag_timothy

    Team Member

    Hello @16dd12298 thanks for reaching out to us!

    Thank you for your continued use of 1Password and I'm sorry to hear you're feeling deflated. As you may have read else where, 1Password is developed on Android devices and requires Google Play services.

    That being said, I'd like to ask if there may be anything else at play that could be causing 1Password to load directly into a white screen. Do you have any developer options enabled on your device?

  • @ag_timothy i've tried this on a vanilla install of GrapheneOS - developer options are disabled and bootloader is locked. I have seen the same behaviour in a small number of apps (revolut is one that comes to mind) that have a heavy Google Play reliance on load.

    i also just received my 'we'll bill you in 7 days' email (for my annual subscription), so i'm actively looking into Dashlane (which works perfectly on GrapheneOS) as a legitimate solution. As i've said before via messages to support, i see no reason for a privacy app to rely on any google play services.

  • @ag_timothy fyi, I'm running GrapheneOS on pixel 4 and pixel 4a devices. if you were wanting to simulate, get one of these then follow these install commands: (you'll need to switch on developer mode first and enable OEM unlocking to proceed. As i've offered previously (via support), i'm happy to provide support to help out. I rely on 1password and need it to work.

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