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  • david82david82
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    Just wanted to add my 2c as a 1Password user missing this feature (default Vault) and long-time observer of and investor in tech companies --

    To be blunt, this is either bad corporate management or lack of developer talent.

    This can't actually be difficult to implement from a software perspective -- and if it is, then 1Password 8 has been built on a shaky foundation. So either it was built on a shaky foundation (which speaks to a lack of developer talent), or you lack the developer talent to implement such a trivial feature.

    If it's not that, and management is simply failing to prioritize a basic feature that your software used to have that users are complaining about now not having -- well, that's poor management.

    Please fix this so we can all move on with our lives; the amount of time your users are spending complaining about it and you must be spending dealing with those complaints must be greater than the actual amount of time required to just fix the damn thing.

  • esquaredesquared
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    @Samaher_1P - it's been another two weeks since you last indicated that the research community would be up and running. I've still seen nothing. What's up?

  • rickmcraigrickmcraig
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    Requesting the same - please bring back a way to select default vault to save new items to within settings. Thank you.

  • jms_1pjms_1p
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    The 1P8 inaction regarding the 1P7 default vault feature has certainly been concerning. But based on staff member comments above regarding continued support 1P7, my plan was to hang on until 1P8 is upgraded with this missing feature. But now I’ve run into a major roadblock.

    I have a client that has been using 1P7 Families. Like many families, they share many items in a common vault but each also has items in a private vault. They asked me to install 1P on a new family member’s iPhone. During that process I discovered that 1P7 is no longer available on the iOS App Store. Ugh!!

    So as I see it, they have three undesirable alternatives: 1) 1P7 on all phones except the new member. This mix will no doubt cause confusion for all, but especially the new member that can only install 1P8, 2) 1P8 on all phones. This will disrupt all family members and generate subsequent confusion when new entries are mistakenly added to incorrect vaults, 3) Ask them to wait until 1P8 is upgraded to include a default vault setting.

    Am I missing a better alternative?

  • PeterG_1PPeterG_1P

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    edited November 16

    Hi folks! We have an update for you 👀

    Default vault for saving has been implemented in the latest Beta, which is hot off the proverbial presses today.

    The release notes, with additional info on other improvements in the latest Beta, can be found here:

    1Password 8.9.10-9 Beta for Mac

    1Password 8.9.10-9 Beta for Windows

    1Password 8.9.10-9 Beta for Linux

    If you are currently on the Beta channel (or are interested in switching to try out this feature), we'd love to have your feedback!

    Thank you for all the community discussion that lead to this change. We appreciate what you bring to this space, and the many ways you contribute to making 1Password better all the time. And we hope you enjoy the update! 👋

  • jms_1pjms_1p
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    edited November 18

    Default vault for saving has been implemented in the latest Beta, which is hot off the proverbial presses today.

    Thank you for this great news, @PeterG_1P. I will switch to the beta channel and try it out.

    Can we assume this will also be coming to iOS and iPadOS soon? Isn't that a big advantage of the new development tools: facilitation of feature parity for all platforms?

    UPDATE: Just downloaded v8.9.10-9 Beta for Mac. So far, so good. Nicely implemented. Hoping the iOS and iPadOS implementations are similar. Thanks!

  • BenBen AWS Team

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  • DanBrotskyDanBrotsky Junior Member
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    @PeterG_1P YES!! I saw that in my beta and am VERY excited. It seems to work very well, thanks! And I was glad to see that it still allows override by knowledgeable users who know what vaults are :).

    Any idea when this will be available in the production release? Those of us who are desperate to upgrade our elders want to know!

  • PeterG_1PPeterG_1P

    Team Member

    Hey @DanBrotsky, excellent to hear that you're having a good experience with this! 😄

    And I was glad to see that it still allows override by knowledgeable users who know what vaults are :).

    Agreed, that felt important. Thanks again for sharing your take on how this has turned out so far.

    I don't have any news on when this will make it to a Production release, but we're moving at a pretty quick clip around here, so I hope it won't be too long before it appears in a Production build - pending the necessary testing first, as always! 🫰

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