Version 8 in the Apple App Store?

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Hello I am currently using version 7.9.3 from the AppStore.
When will the new version 8 be available in the AppStore?

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  • Hey @Talarion:

    We don't have any timelines to share just yet of when 1Password 8 for Mac will be officially released. It's currently in beta, and you're more than welcome to give it a try however!

    1Password 8 for Mac Beta 🥰


  • MatthewPackwoodJR
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    Any update as it is “live” for direct download today?

  • Hey @MatthewPackwoodJR

    1Password 8 for Mac isn't currently available in the Mac App Store. Instead, you can download the app directly through our website. If your subscription is through Apple, you can still download the app directly from our website, and your subscription will carry over. There's no need to change your billing information. We are always interested to learn how we can best meet our customer's needs. Could you please provide us a with a little context on why you'd like to see 1Password 8 in the Mac App Stores vs downloading it directly from the website?


  • MatthewPackwoodJR
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    I prefer to use either the AppStore or Homebrew to install applications. I am not a fan of “trust me this is a safe installer”.

  • awn
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    @Ben: Are you saying 1PW is pulling out of the Mac App Store? (That's what it translates to if a final release is not available there. I would say that's news if that's the case)

  • @awn I would not say that, no. 1Password for Safari is available exclusively through the Mac App Store. 1Password 8 isn't currently there, but we're keeping the door open to the idea. I'd also point out that this is an initial release, not a final release. 😊


  • @MatthewPackwoodJR

    Thanks for sharing. If you’d like you can subscribe to be notified to any changes in this regard, here:


  • MGDominguez
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    I'd like for v8 to be back on the Mac App Store in the not-so-distant future. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the API constraints that Apple has for the App Store would cause issues with 1Password, but hopefully they are not insurmountable.

    For me personally, the main advantage is having a centralized place to download all the apps I use. I'm old fashion and usually do a clean install every MacOS release (well, every x.1 to be more accurate) and it has become very easy to do so lately, with all my documents appearing as soon as I add my cloud account to the freshly installed OS, then I just go to the App Store and download most of my apps at once. I still have one or two apps that are not there, but I don't use them as often and so I only download them when I remember.

    It's not a very common use case, but we'll see if v8 is back on the App Store next time I go through a clean install. In the meantime, I've added my email to the updates mailing list.

  • That's great feedback, @MGDominguez. I appreciate you taking the time to share your perspective on the situation.


  • MatthewPackwoodJR
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    Page not found….

  • her2er3by
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    Hi, personally I use Addigy to deploy VPP purchases and I want 1P8 to be on the App Store because then it's updated by us and we don't rely on users. It's also less work for that on us.

  • user12345
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    I hope 1Password 8 will be a separate App Store download and not replace version 7.

  • Baleo
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    I would also like to see 1Password 8 in Mac App Store.

  • xmarcelo
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    Hope it is put in the App Store soon, I just can't be keeping track of a different download site for each application. And, if 1password 8 doesn't violate any app store policies, why isn't it there from the beginning? You can't say you're giving any love to the Mac if you're moving out of the App Store.

    One thing is letting you take our iCloud vaults, but getting out of the App Store would be too much.

    @MGDominguez — your use case seems to be shared by every single Mac user I know. We want our apps in the App Store because it's easy to update and re-download them whenever we want. Having to keep track of several download places o trust "auto update" models like Microsoft Teams' for instance is at least scary.

    btw, I had lots of trouble writing the @ here, it won't recognize my Latin American keyboard, as it seems — Maybe an issue w/ the "editor"?

  • ahankins
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    Another vote for Mac App Store. I'm shocked it's not there or seems it hasn't even been submitted yet. Not a very Mac user friendly move.

  • danco
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    I can see all the reasons for having 1PW in the App Store. But I would like to give the other side. The App Store has some restrictions, and I do have apps where the App Store version is limited compared with the direct download. Perhaps more important is that Apple takes a large slice of the price of App Store items, significantly more than other billing systems, and I prefer my money to go to the developers rather than Apple.

  • jedisky
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    Put me in as a vote for Mac App Store, to be honest I will find another solution if you leave App Store. I appreciate the security and convenience. Also, having one place to keep my apps up to date is essential and time saving to my workflow. Sad to hear that it's really an afterthought.

  • georgewitteman
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    +1 for an App Store version

  • lkkbxer5pi
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    Obviously version 8 is not in the App Store at this moment, but the gist of the question is more about 1Password's future plans. Any short term plans for an App Store release? Any technical/policy barriers that would prevent an App Store release, or prevent certain features from making it over? (For example, sandboxing requirements, additional eng work needed, maybe IAP revenue split concerns?) It sounds like the answer is "we have no immediate plans to bring 1P8 to the App Store but are evaluating customer demand and technical feasibility", and if you guys could say that more prominently - perhaps in one of the main-site announcements, since this represents a change from 1P7 - it would clear up a lot of questions.

    My two cents:
    -All else being equal, I like having the App Store manage app updates; I've been deliberately using the App Store version of 1P7
    -...But I don't feel super strongly about it
    -...But I do use the Safari extension, and IIRC Safari extensions can only be installed through the App Store now? Installing the main app not through the App Store and the not-main-app through the App Store is doable but a bit confusing.

  • premiumuser
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    Can you please explain what YOUR use case is for avoiding the Mac App Store? Asking your customers to justify why they would want to use the official app store for their platform is ridiculous.

    As always, I welcome your feedback. We are keeping the door open to using a different product that supports their users.

    (See how condensing and ridiculous that sounds?)

  • MarkBernard
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    I specifically migrated to apps in the app store. I abandoned a few apps, or found App store alternatives for.

    I prefer the one stop updates and the simplicity of all my subscriptions in a single place.

    This is something I DO feel strongly about. I would not want to go back to they way things were before the App store!

  • gmangesh
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    I would echo all (most) of the reasons others have given above for using the App Store to purchase/download/manage apps.

    It's a bit annoying to NOT have the app available in the App Store from the get go.

    And I agree with @premiumuser - "Asking your customers to justify why they would want to use the official app store for their platform is ridiculous"

  • hezor
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    "Could you please provide us a with a little context on why you'd like to see 1Password 8 in the Mac App Stores vs downloading it directly from the website?"

    What, is this really a serious question?

  • jayzed
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    I too would expect the app to be in the Mac App Store (especially when the previous version was too). It makes it MUCH easier to install apps when you move to a new Mac vs having to go to individual websites to download, offers elevated degrees of safety vs people downloading from random websites and also allows easy app updates.

    My suspicion for the fact that they haven't put it in the Mac App Store is perhaps because they want to control the likelihood of customers signing up directly through them vs going through Apple where they would lose 30% in commission. Where there are bizarre decisions like this that don't make sense to the average user then follow the money because that's probably where the answer lies.

    As a long term user I quite like the new 1P8 app and didn't agree with all the negativity against it but the move to abandon the Mac App Store has annoyed me quite a bit.

  • jaknudsen
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    I'd love to hear the reasons why 1Password 8 isn't in present there, as I trust the team have enough insight to know that the majority of Mac users rely on Mac App Store only for installing apps.

  • DeltaSeven
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    I'm another user that thinks 1Password 8 should be in the Mac App Store. I can only assume that going forward the company is trying to avoid paying Apple the 30% fee for apps on the App Store.

    When will version 8 be out for iOS? Those will have to be on the iOS App Store.

  • MSch0079
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    Speaking as another paying customer (for years) of 1Password; I to would appreciate and advocate for a Mac App Store release. Whether the downloads from your domain pass macOS malware / notarization checks or not; I'd still prefer to pick it up from the Mac App Store; even if Apple takes 30%; AgileBits is till getting 70%.

    -Someone. that has subscribed for years.

  • bonbon
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    Count me in. I also prefer app from the app store. It is very easy to maintain the app up to date.

  • Benjamin2
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    if possible, I prefer download apps from the store.

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