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Please allow PIN unlock in 1P8 Android



  • JRWestJRWest
    Community Member

    Yeah, this is a PIA.

    New user switching from LastPass.

    Fingerprints seem very flaky and insecure. Too easy to trick the sensors. Also : When my fingerprint ends up getting stolen, do I need to take a blow torch to my hands to get a new fingerprint? No thanks.
    Also, the TSA/Police can force you to put your finger on a reader w/o a warrant. They can't (currently) force you to enter your pin/password w/o a warrant.

    So my current choice is to have a really insecure master password, or spend all day re-entering a secure one? I thought 1Password was supposed to make my life easier. It seems to be doing the opposite.

    I think I'm going to postpone my switch until there is a workaround for this.

  • MyceniusMycenius
    Community Member
    edited December 2022

    +1 for PIN Unlock to be reinstated and possibly fully integrated with the device security (if biometrics are PIN should be able to be also). This is also a major issue for many iOS (iPhone & iPad) users, see: PIN Lock Option Removed in V8 and in particular my latest post there today (and this Android thread has a lot of excellent impact cases where the PIN removal has been a significant detriment).

  • ag_timothyag_timothy

    Team Member

    Thanks for weighing in here @Blunderbuss. I can definitely understand your interest in a PIN unlock option and have shared your comments with the team. While I can't make any promises about our development, you can keep an eye on our release notes for any changes, All the latest releases from the 1Password Team

    ref: dev/core/core#18328

  • dmj111dmj111
    Community Member

    +1 for PIN unlock.

    Also, I'd like a an option shorter than 2-weeks for allowing the fingerprint/PIN to unlock the app.

  • sumiosumio
    Community Member

    +1 for PIN unlock.

    My wife always unlocks the screen with a PIN because fingerprint authentication doesn't work for her.
    I am very disappointed to know that the Android app does not have a PIN unlock feature.

    I was thinking of starting using 1Password Families this time, but I would wait until the PIN unlock feature is installed.

  • MarkLenzMarkLenz
    Community Member

    Add me to the list of users wanting a PIN unlock, for all the same reasons mentioned. Entering the master password every time is a real pain. I understand the need to balance convenience and security, but convenience is really being given a back seat here.

  • fbrownncfbrownnc
    Community Member

    +1 Indeed, goes without saying I miss my PIN. On the bright side, I'm increasing my finger strength from typing my password so many times ;-)

  • rochrunnerrochrunner
    Community Member

    Just switched from LastPass and agree with previous posts about a PIN unlock option. On my Pixel 6a the fingerprint reader works great for unlocking but my Samsung tablet has no biometric option, and after my LP experience I've gone to a more complex password.

  • GolferWHHGolferWHH
    Community Member

    I also have Pixel phones (PIN unlock), and a Samsung Tablet with no biometric option and two Windows PC's with "Hello" Pin established.. I"m still in a trial period, coming from LastPass, and find PIN unlock on Windows (Hello) is good, but am required to re-enter Password in the App at what seems random situations. I'm unable to figure out why, but add I'm flipping between devices with 1PW installed.

    It would be real nice to have a PIN unlock capability, even it it requires a minimum number of characters. I will add that once you get comfortable with how 1PW works in the Windows and Android environment i'm comfortable that the product matches usability of LP; and I'm satisfied the underlying security is better(?).

    Again, my vote for PIN unlock, a 20 plus word/symbol/number master password on frequent logons when the devices are being used in an environment with good physically security is a tad frustrating.

  • aag1944aag1944
    Community Member

    I also vote for pin unlock. Biometric does not work with my fingerprint (for 1Password or anything else on my Android Pixel 5.) As it is 1password is almost useless; 1P 7 was great. Per 1P recommendations my unlock password is 14 characters. Typing them on a keyboard is not a problem and furthermore, on MacOS, 1P stays unlocked all day. Carrying around a keyboard for my phone is not an option. Perhaps using the pattern unlock would be a good alternative if developers are too stuck on no pin option.

  • vossrobert123vossrobert123
    Community Member

    So, I have been a 1P user ever since LP got rid of their free tier (wish I had switched sooner). I know it has been said numerous times here but I will add mine too because hopefully there will be enough demand for the feature for them to implement the PIN again.

    I have a similar reason for wanting the feature as another user...I have a physical condition that prevents me from using the fingerprint scanner as well as holding the phone at the correct angle for facial recognition to work. In order to use my phone (I have the S22 Ultra) I use the s pen in my mouth most of the time, or I will use my nose/lip. As you can imagine typing can be a literal pain nevermind being slow (glide typing helps for things like this, but not passwords). I think that a balance can be achieved to where it is not quite so difficult to fill passwords which apart from allowing me to be more secure, also speeds up my workflow but is now becoming an obstacle rather than a shortcut.

  • richschurichschu
    Community Member

    Please, please, please re-implement this feature. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to have to re-enter my full password each time I want to unlock! To be fair, this is not entirely 1Password's fault; the fingerprint scanner on the Pixel 6a is an absolute dumpster fire of a disaster. It is trash. Garbage. POS. To the point where I can't use it all on my phone, and therefore I can't use it to unlock 1Password.

    Please let us use PINs again! 🙏

  • ag_timothyag_timothy

    Team Member

    Hi everyone! Thanks for adding your +1s and sharing this excellent feedback. I have passed this along to the team and hopefully we'll have some updates to share in the not-so-distant future. In the mean time, please let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

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