Option to unlock 1PW8 using AppleWatch doesn't appear in iPW login screen

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The option to unlock 1PW8 (8.9.7 80907031 Beta) using AppleWatch doesn't appear in iPW login screen. I have enabled the Use Apple Watch checkbox in System Preferences (iOS 12.6). Option works with iOS logon.

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  • Hey there @Chasf1949

    Sorry to hear you've had trouble unlocking 1Password on your Mac with your Apple Watch. Can you give this procedure a try, and let me know what happens?

    ⚠️ These steps must be completed in this exact order. Please don't skip any steps, such as restarting.

    1. Click the  Apple menu > System Preferences...
    2. Open the Security & Privacy pane.
    3. Turn off "Use your Apple Watch to unlock apps and your Mac".
    4. Shut down your Mac.
    5. Restart your Apple Watch.
    6. Start up your Mac again.
    7. Turn "Use your Apple Watch to unlock apps and your Mac" back on.
    8. Open and unlock 1Password.
    9. Click 1Password > Preferences..., then the Security tab.
    10. Turn on "Unlock with Apple Watch" again.

    Give that a try and let me know how you get on. I'll be here if you need further help. :)

    — Grey

  • Chasf1949
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    I followed the steps below, however, when I got to step 9/10, the option “Unlock with Apple Watch” wasn’t even in the Security window of 1Password preferences. See attached screen shots

  • @Chasf1949

    Sometimes 1Password won't be able to use your Apple Watch to unlock if there's an update to macOS available that's been downloaded but not yet installed. Check to see if there's an update for macOS available, and if so, apply it:

    Update macOS on Mac - Apple Support

    If updating didn't fix it, or if there is no update available, I'd like to ask you to create a diagnostics report from your Mac:

    Sending Diagnostics Reports (Mac)

    Attach the diagnostics to an email message addressed to [email protected].

    ⚠️ Don't post your diagnostics report here.

    With your email please include:

    You should receive an automated reply from our BitBot assistant with a Support ID number. Please post that number here. Thanks very much!

  • @Chasf1949

    Quick update to the above. Would you mind checking that your Mac is a model that supports Unlock With Apple Watch? Here's what to do:

    1. Click the  Apple menu > About This Mac
    2. You'll see your Mac's model name. It'll be its full model name, rather than a number, so it'll look like MacBook Air, M1, 2020 or similar.
    3. Check to see if your Mac appears in the list below of supported models:
    • iMac Pro (2017 and newer)
    • iMac (27-inch 2020 and newer)
    • MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (2016 and newer)
    • MacBook Pro (2018 and newer)
    • MacBook Air (2018 and newer)
    • Mac mini (2018 and newer)
    • Mac Pro (2019 and newer)
    • Mac Studio

    These models of Mac feature a Secure Enclave, which is Apple's security chip that allows us to store the secret required to unlock 1Password with an Apple Watch. You may well be able to unlock your Mac itself without a Secure Enclave, but other apps, including 1Password, need a Secure Enclave to support this.

    Let me know what you find. :)

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