Experiment #1 - Default Details

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Hi y'all!

We are very excited about our first experiment: default details! To keep things focused and manageable, we've chosen to address a piece of feedback we've received frequently in the past. You might have noticed the hassle of sorting through a long list of identity items and payment cards in your vault when it's time to autofill. We hear you, and that's why we're introducing preferred details. It will give you the ability to claim a default identity item and a preferred credit/debit card. Whenever autofill comes into play, those will take the top position in the list. It's a clean, simple, and high-value solution that we believe you'll love.

We're eager to hear your thoughts and experiences with Labs as you try it out. Let us know what you think below in this thread.

Ultimately I'd love to hear feedback on two very specific questions:
1. Does this experiment help you get things done faster and with less friction?
2. Should we ship default details in the Stable product?



  • Thanks @MrC! Glad to hear you think this is adding value. I like that suggestion as well. I think I'm going to start a thread for Labs proposals as well :)

  • ahatzz11
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    This feature is incredible. I have ~10 credit cards on my account, and despite the one I use the most being the only favorite, it often is at the bottom of my list for some unknown reason. Now it's at the top and I love it!

    1. Absolutely. Gone are the days of scrolling to the bottom of the list for my preferred CC.
    2. Absolutely, I think it's already ready for prime time.

    Also - I just happened to stumble across this lab while poking through my 1Password settings on my mac. This is a great program and I hope to see new stuff here! It would be cool to get some kind of notification when a new lab is available, especially for those who are on the beta channel - I don't want to miss out on cool new stuff!

  • Hey @ahatzz11 Thanks for the kind words! I'm so glad you find the feature useful.

    We're working on ways to let people know about new Labs features but don't let that stop you from continuing to poke around, you never know what you'll discover 😉

    Keep the feedback coming if you find anything you love (or don't love) about what we bring into the Lab 🙂

  • mirv
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    Seems like a useful feature. One improvement request: on the pull-down menu for Preferred payment card, please sort these by name. I have a bunch of cards and they seem to be sorted randomly so it took a while for me to find the right one.

  • That's good feedback. Thanks @mirv!

  • RogueScholar
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    I, too, have nothing but superlatives to report about this new feature. It's worked perfectly on Windows and Linux desktops, but where it really shines is on my Android phone, where I'm usually already trying to thread the needle scrolling through the drop-down list which only has half the screen to work with thanks to the keyboard being visible.

    As a (Happy? Overjoyed? Feeling guilty that I pay so little for something that all my employees say has been the best change to their job in the entire time they've worked there? Yeah, I'm way past thrilled.) 1Password for Business customer, my only possible gripe is that I've been unable to activate it for the Business account as well. Can you tell me if it's on the roadmap to add to Business accounts or if I'm just missing something in the admin panel that would already enable it?

  • Duke_JayG
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    Agreed with the latest post, I'd like to see this in the Business account as well, both as a user and an admin.

  • matt.g1P
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    So happy to hear the feature is making your lives easier. That's always the goal!

    Our intention is 100% to offer Labs on B2B accounts as well. Before we do that, we wanted to hear from Admins to see if they had concerns or questions.

    So a few questions for my Admin friends:

    • Would you have concerns about Labs being available to your employees? If so, what?
    • Would you expect to be able to disable Labs if you chose to do so?
    • Would a global policy for disabling Labs be enough or would you expect to be able to disable by role, by individual experiment, etc?
  • @mirv we've got an MR up that sorts identity and CC items alphabetically when you open the list to select an item. Should be in Nightly soon. Thanks for the feedback on that!

  • Backspaze
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    1. Does this experiment help you get things done faster and with less friction? Yes!
    2. Should we ship default details in the Stable product? Yes!
  • Awesome to hear it @Backspaze! The change that sorts items alphabetically is now in Nightly. Any other feedback? Anything else we can do to make this more valuable?

  • RogueScholar
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    • Would you have concerns about Labs being available to your employees? If so, what?
    • Would you expect to be able to disable Labs if you chose to do so?

    Well, my only concern would be if one of the Labs changed an existing workflow we had, which I'd need to document adequately first. I'd want the ability to lock out users on my business account from activating individual labs if that were the case until the docs had been updated. Other than that, I'm feeling pretty gung-ho about it.

    • Would a global policy for disabling Labs be enough or would you expect to be able to disable by role, by individual experiment, etc?

    As stated above, my concern would be more about granularity with the Labs themselves, in the event there were ever more than one available at the same time, ideally I'd want to be able to lock them individually rather than have to pull the plug on everything. As far as only activating it for a subset of users on our Business account, that really isn't an issue from my POV. I try to only manage access to information based on user characteristics and keep the feature sets and workflow identical for everyone in the building, as it promotes better morale and more users supporting each other as opposed to opening a ticket.

    I hope that answers your questions. If not, please let me know what I can clarify or expand upon.

  • @RogueScholar that is super helpful. Thank you! We do plan on having multiple Labs experiments running at a time. We even plan on having some that are targeted to (and only visible to) some roles. We may introduce an experiment that is only helpful for Family Organizers, so they are the only group that would see that experiment available.

    You mention that your main concern is that an experiment would "change a workflow" and you'd need to create docs for it. Can you provide a little more detail? Since Labs experiments are always opt-in, the user would (we assume) know that they have made a modification to the existing experience. If it broke/changed a workflow in a negative way they could turn it off. Maybe I'm missing something though.

  • wolfspyre
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    what i think might be helpful is the ability to init 1p with the intent of ‘interact with this site as this persona’ … allowing your work-related self to have one set of credential / identity/ favorite weights….. and your personal-life self having another set of weights… both(/all) personas have access to the same credentials, but can be biased to prefer one set over another based on usage patterns? idk…

    one thing I find super irritating that 1p does currently that I’d really like to see change is there’s not much influence one has currently over the possible-matching-credential weights….

    an example:
    i have a lot of creds for various subdomains of wolfspyre.com and wolfspyre.io

    even when I have a cred in 1p that is a full fqdn match, creds decorated as favorites, even that don’t match the current tld are shown as more relevant than full fqdn matches….

    it would be neat if there was some more control levers exposed to the user here

  • @wolfspyre you can already do that with Default Details. You get to set a preferred set of credentials per account. It'll show the defaults from each account at the top of the list. If you want see just your work or just your personal defaults, you can go into the settings for the extension under accounts and vaults and turn off items from the account you don't want to see.

  • G7Archt
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    1. Yes, helpful, although I thought this was already available. It does, however, further define the default.
    2. It would be nice to see my identity card details as you can preview with the credit cards to see if I'm picking the preferred one as they have similar names.
  • darktea4597
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    This sounds super useful.

    For family plans, it’s not clear if presets I pick are just for me, or anyone in the family. It would be nice for that to be a explicit mention.

  • dmote75
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    Definitely like this feature. Don’t see why it couldn’t ‘ship’ now, only two toggle options so seems pretty straightforward.

  • TTG13
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    Hello. Yes, definitely love this feature! Please
    Add in the final release. Tom. (Very long time 1PW user) 😀

  • lfanchi
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    100% agreed with @darktea4597. My 1PW family has two members, and it's currently unclear whether the defaults apply to both members, or just to me. If they apply to both, that's a no-go for me.

    My wife and I have separate identities (duh :P) and credit cards (thank god).

  • @G7Archt Thanks for the feedback. We're working on ways to change the inline menu in the browser to signal that a particular Identity or Credit Card are marked as your defaults. That should help alleviate some of the confusion. Keep an eye out for that update.

  • @darktea4597 @lfanchi Currently the defaults are just for you. They'll sync across your devices but each family member gets to choose their own default Identity and Credit Card.

  • @dmote75 We're so glad you like it. Putting features like this in Labs is a great opportunity for us to try things out and see if you all like them. Now that we know it's a hit, we're working on finding the perfect home for it in the apps.

  • @TTG13 We're glad you're excited to see this move out of Labs and into its new home in the app. We are too. Stay tuned.

  • lfanchi
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    @ag_andrew good to know! I'd have appreciated a small note in the UI mentioning that :)

  • @lfanchi that's terrific feedback. I'll bring that up with the team to see if we can get it integrated into the permanent feature. Thanks!

  • tderman
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    1. Does this experiment help you get things done faster and with less friction? yes

    2. Should we ship default details in the Stable product? yes

    It may be very useful if we could edit/update the default profile while choosing it.

  • @tderman Thanks so much for the feedback. I'm glad to hear you've found it useful!

    We're looking into good ways of enabling you to jump to the selected item which would allow you to see the full details of the item as well as hop into Edit mode and modify the fields. Stay tuned.

  • iamncdai
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    Hi, How can I experience this feature?

    Error: Unavailable on this account.