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I changed to 1Password because I wanted to log into my password manager with a passkey rather than having to type that long multi-symbol password I made. However, though I have put in the Windows Hello ability and followed the instructions (I think), I still have to put in the password and also the secret key, every time I start my computer and open up my browser. I thought there was a way that I could just put my passkey and I could start up the password manager?

1Password Version: 8
Extension Version: 2.14.1
OS Version: Windows 11
Browser: Chrome


  • GreyM1P
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    Hi there @zordos

    Unlocking 1Password with a passkey is currently only supported for test 1Password accounts (which shouldn't be used as your main 1Password account) in an invite-only private beta on iOS and macOS, which explains why 1Password for Windows isn't following suit. Support for unlocking 1Password with a passkey will come to other platforms later in the year.

    If you're using Windows Hello with a PIN, fingerprint reader, or by scanning your face, 1Password will be able to use that even after a restart if you've turned on the appropriate option in 1Password's Settings.

    ℹ️ Your PC must have a TPM 2.0 chip for this to work.

    Use Windows Hello to unlock 1Password on your Windows PC # Manage your settings

    Please note that Windows Hello doesn't support passkeys. You might be using a hardware security key with Windows Hello instead – if so, that will work in the same way as the PIN, fingerprint, or face methods already mentioned.

    I hope that helps, but let me know if you have any questions. :)

    — Grey

  • zordos
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    Grey: Thank you very much. I have TPM 2.0 chip and running from Bios. My startup screen (to start up windows), just asks for the pin (I had enabled Windows Hello). It goes to the main screen. I click on the 1Password icon on the right bottom that has a lock. It opens and asks for password saying: "Before you can use windows hello you have to sign in with your password". Under "Security" for my 1Password settings I have "Unlock using Windows hello" and I had marked the next one which says "Show windows hello prompt automatically", but since that did not work, I unchecked it. I am using the Beta version. I have "Rohs" security key that automatically logs me into my system on boot up, but I have tried without it, entering the pin and with it and still the same. I'm still doing something wrong, but do not know what>

  • Hello @zordos,

    Thanks for your reply. I'm sorry for the continued troubles with Windows Hello.

    In you description of the settings, it dosen't seem like you had the Use the Trusted Platform Module with Windows Hello enabled. I've included a screenshot below. Does this option appear greyed out:


    If you able to check this setting, try:
    1. Lock 1Password (Ctrl + Shift + L).
    2. Sign back in with your account password.
    3. Follow any prompts from Windows Hello.
    4. Lock 1Password (Ctrl + Shift + L) again.

    • Does this and future attempts to unlock 1Password prompt you with Windows hello only?

    I'm looking forward to your reply.

  • zordos
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    Hello Mike: Thank you for helping. I believe that is the problem. That last part where it says use TPM with windows hello is grayed out. I can check the first two items, but that specific item is grayed out. I have cleared my TPM and re-started the computer and I have check Bios and security in windows and have no errors, however, I cannot find where the problem with having me check that part is located.

  • ag_mike_d
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    Hello @zordos,

    Sorry for the delay in reply. I understand that the option to use the TPM is currently greyed out in 1Password. As a next step, I would recommend make sure that your device is TPM 2.0-enabled by following the steps below:

    1. Press the Windows key on your keyboard, type the following, and hit enter: Security processor
    2. Under the Specification heading in the window that opens, make sure that the Specification version is 2.0.
    3. Under the status heading, make sure the two options are showing as Ready.


    If your TPM is enabled and ready for use, but the option is still greyed out, it may be that Windows Hello was already set up on your device before your TPM was enabled.

    Re-enrolling your Windows Hello data should resolve this. You can do this by removing all of your Hello options (such as face, fingerprint, and PIN) at once, and then re-adding them. If the option to remove the PIN is greyed out, you may need to go through the I forgot my PIN process, and hit cancel once you're asked to set up a new PIN. Doing this should move the key into hardware storage and allow you to enable the option to use the TPM in 1Password.

    If the above steps don't immediately help, disable the Unlock using Windows Hello option in your 1Password settings, fully quit and restart the app, and then enable it again, and see if the TPM option is still greyed out.

    Let us know how this goes?

  • zordos
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    Thank you very much. Everything seems to work. I guess the first time I start up my computer it asks for the password. If I log out, Ctrl - Shift- L, and log back in, then it shows me the windows hello logo and I can put my pin. But not when I startup my computer. I guess that is how is supposed to work? Everything you showed me to check is correct.

  • Hello again @zordos,

    But not when I startup my computer. I guess that is how is supposed to work?

    With a hardware backed TPM 2.0 and the option to Use the Trusted Platform Module with Windows Hello in 1Password enabled, Windows Hello should persist through reboots. We'd like to investigate things further.

    Could you to create a diagnostics report from your Windows PC:

    Sending Diagnostics Reports (Windows)

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    With your email please include:

    • A link to this thread:
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