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Since 1PW 5 (or maybe Yosemite) - whenever a new login is created it as always asks if I want to save it, which I usually do. However sometimes I may enter the wrong password and when I enter the correct data, it asks me if I want to update the login, which I usually do. However, whenever I do this, I end up with 2 different logins saved with the same name. This is not behavior I have experienced before and It seems to be a big problem for me. I have never had any problems with previous version of 1PW (since V1), but this version I find very problematic, as described above. And often it does not seem to enter names and passwords and seamlessly as it has in the past. Please advise.


  • littlebobbytables
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    Hi @glev‌

    Can I confirm what you're seeing please. I'm not a massive user of the ask to save but I've turned it on and here's what I get.

    If I manually enter my login details correctly to an existing site it 1Password doesn't do anything, it's checking and finding its detail are up to date.

    If I mess up my password I get this.

    The default is set to save a brand new item and notice how where it says Amazon it's an editable text box so you can write whatever you want.

    Where it says Save new Login in Primary Vault though, that's a menu where you can also pick another option titled Update existing Login in Primary Vault (see below)

    When I pick that item the dialog changes in two ways. The Save button becomes an Update button and the text box that said Amazon has become a menu too where you can select from the items 1Password believe matches this one (see below)

    When I do that my Login item has the password updated and the old password is stored in the Previously used passwords section.

    Can you let me know at what point it diverges from my observed behaviour please.

  • glev
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    I will review again with what you told me in mind. I am not sure what has changed, but in the past, I did not have to select Update existing login, as it would default to that when it was about to create a duplicate login. Now it simply defaults to creating duplicates. I cannot yet confirm this, but will investigate and respond. Thanks.

  • Looking forward to hearing about what you find, @glev.

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