Syncing 1Password key file from Mac to Windows

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I have recently purchased the bundle package of 1Password for Mac + Windows. I have setup all my necessary logins on my Mac and I am able to sync them from Mac to all my iOS devices. However, I also have a Windows PC and I would like to share the same vaults / logins from Mac to Windows. I am using the 1Password key file from Mac ( which is of extn - .1p4_zip and when I place this file on the same location where I have my agilekeychains for Windows and try to import this file on to 1Password4 for my Windows system, it is not recognizing this file. I also tried to forcefully change the extension of this file - ".agilekeychain", but still it is not getting recognized. Could you please help me to sync this file so I dont need to create all these logins in Windows PC manually ???



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