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I have two 1Password apps on my Macbook (version 10.10.3). They are 1Password and 1Password5. The current version of 1Password I'm using is 5.3 from app store. Can I delete the 1Password app and just keep the 1Password5 app?


  • Stephen_C
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    Options is the version from the Mac App Store; 1Password is the version from the AgileBits store. (If in any doubt you can check which version is which by going to 1P > About 1Password.) I'm unclear whether you want to keep the Mac App Store version (which supports iCloud sync) or the AgileBits store version (which doesn't).

    Assuming you in fact want to keep the Mac App Store version the first thing to do is to launch 1Password and then quit it using ⌃⌘Q (which will also quit 1P mini). Then run and make sure it's completely up to date with all your data. If that's the case you can then drag the 1Password to the trash (don't use any app cleaner tool which is likely to try to persuade you to delete files you need to keep).

    If you want to keep the AgileBits store version you follow the same procedure but reverse the names of the apps in the preceding paragraph. :)


  • Drew_AG
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    Hi @aced17,

    It looks like Stephen's answer is spot-on, I hope it was helpful for you! The important thing is to make sure you have all your data in the version of 1Password that you keep.

    Hopefully you're all set, but if you have more questions about that or need anything else, please let us know - we're always happy to help! :)

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